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3060 mixed tower layout in Inner Mongolia, promoting wind power development
Seetao 2023-11-29 09:28
  • The establishment of 3060 Mixed Tower Wind Power Co., Ltd. helps to enhance energy development in Inner Mongolia region
  • The layout of a mixed tower production base for electrical wind power in Chifeng City indicates that this innovative mixed tower production model is expected to be replicated and upgraded in the Inner Mongolia region
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Recently, 3060 Mixed Tower Wind Power Co., Ltd. was established in Chifeng City, Inner Mongolia, marking another important progress made by Shanghai Electric Wind Power Group Co., Ltd. and China Yizhong Group in fully leveraging the advantages of wind power mixed tower research and manufacturing, continuously expanding market scale, and meeting market demand in Inner Mongolia.

In 2022, Electric Wind Power has successfully established a standardized mixed tower industrial base in the Heilongjiang region through cooperation with China Yizhong Group. As the first intelligent chemical plant in the world to adopt the world's first automated assembly line production method for lean production of wind power mixed tower pipe segments, this base is also equipped with a digital control steam maintenance system suitable for winter production in the workshop, realizing temperature can be freely and accurately adjusted. Not only does the production efficiency increase by 50% compared to fixed molds, but it can also meet normal production in low-temperature winter environments.

This time, Electric Wind Power is jointly promoting the layout of mixed tower production bases with China National Heavy Industry Corporation in Chifeng City, eastern Mongolia. This indicates that this innovative mixed tower production model is expected to be replicated and upgraded in the Inner Mongolia region, serving the construction of large bases. At the same time, it also means further improvement of the supply chain map of electric wind power mixed towers and deep penetration of core component technology.

In order to meet the growing demand for installed capacity, electrical wind power is gradually optimizing its supply chain layout, continuously enhancing its technological competitiveness, and accelerating the research and development of core components such as blades, drive chains, and towers, in order to improve power generation efficiency, ensure the reliability of the entire machine, and ensure delivery progress. At the same time, from the perspective of "user centricity", Electric Wind Power is committed to providing "highly reliable and reliable" overall solutions to ensure the quality and efficiency of delivery. Editor/Zhao E


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