Asia first! Offshore Big Mac 10MW officially unveiled

Seetao 2020-06-05
  • The motor will further improve the capacity of my country's offshore wind power equipment and marine resources development

On June 3, a 10MW semi-direct drive permanent magnet wind turbine independently developed by CRRC Yongji Electric Motor Co., Ltd. was successfully rolled out of Dongying, Shandong. The successful development of this motor indicates that my country has independent research and development capabilities for high-power offshore wind turbines. Mayor Zhao Zhiyuan said that the development of wind power is an important part of the national energy strategy, which is of great significance for Dongying to strengthen the construction of ecological civilization, cultivate new economic growth points, and achieve sustainable development.

The 10MW semi-direct drive permanent magnet wind turbine is equipped with Mingyang Intelligent MySE8-10MW platform unit, which is currently the largest offshore semi-direct drive permanent magnet wind turbine in Asia. The motor adopts a compact design, which integrates the professional technology and insulation technology of offshore wind power, and can meet the stringent requirements of the offshore wind power special environment for product application. It has the characteristics and advantages of high efficiency, high reliability, high maintainability, high intelligence, low temperature rise, low vibration and low noise. At the same time, CRRC Yongji Motor Co., Ltd. developed the test platform for the largest power semi-direct drive wind turbine in China.

In order to meet the market's demand for high-power, high-density, and intelligent technology upgrades, CRRC Yongji Motor has successfully developed and manufactured 3MW, 6MW, 7.6MW, and 10MW models on semi-direct drive platforms in recent years. The 10MW semi-direct drive permanent magnet wind turbine not only has higher reliability, but also the motor is equipped with temperature and vibration sensors at multiple points, which can directly realize the accurate judgment of the critical operating state, and improve the safe operation and reliability of the fan to the level of intelligence . Its successful development is of great significance to further improve the capacity of my country's offshore wind power equipment.

At present, offshore wind power has entered an unprecedented rapid growth period. According to expert predictions, 50GW of offshore wind power installations will be added globally in the next five years (2020-2024), and the market potential is huge. In the future, CRRC Yongji Electric Co., Ltd. will maintain its development strength, continue to aim at the world's leading technologies in the field of wind power, adhere to innovation, and continue to develop products with higher power levels and more intelligent operation and maintenance, with advanced technology and reliable performance products and services. Continue to lead the development of the industry and contribute to the development of offshore wind power research and development and promote the development of wind power business. Editor/He Yuting

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