Lao He's Miscellaneous Notes: "Black Athena" and Freemasonry

Seetao 2020-06-11 18:28
  • Martin Bernard believes that the deep root of classical civilization lies in the Asian-African culture
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Humble people have long read the first volume of this book, and the evaluation is not high.

Recently, Nanjing University Press has published a complete translation of this book. I turned it over again, feeling nothing, stinking and long, full of conjectures and subjective conjectures by Xin Mayou, but lacking the support of empirical and credible literature.

The author of the book, Martin Bernard, is a professor of political science at Cornell University and was a researcher at King's College of Cambridge University for many years. But that's all.

Some people think that this book seems to be bold, because the author challenges the foundation of Western classics.

Bernard believes that the deep root of classical civilization lies in the Asian-African culture. The root of Greek and Roman culture is not in the Aryans of the northern white barbarians, but mainly from the ancient Egyptian civilization. But since the 18th century, these Asian-African influences have been systematically ignored, denied, or suppressed mainly due to racism.

The classification of race and culture from language rather than kinship is itself the source of pseudo-invention in modern Western inventions. This person bullies modern people, especially Chinese literati, who don’t study, and generally don’t learn.

In fact, the author himself is also an unskilled generation.

He talked about Greece, but he didn't seem to study the Bible seriously. He didn't know that the real Greeks were the Greeks in the Bible-some of them followed Moses out of Egypt. To find the relationship between Egypt, Jews and Greeks, it is better to study the "Old Testament of the Bible" directly, why go to such a large circle?

I think this book by Bernard is actually a book that humbly lie about the Western classical "classical history".

In his book, he exposes some of the most superficial classical lies in the West that are difficult to justify, but the purpose is not to destroy this mansion of lies, but to cover up old lies that have gone bankrupt with new lies!

The so-called classical civilization in the West is the Greek-Roman civilization forged by Western scholars after the Renaissance. The so-called classical science in the West is about the forgery system of ancient Greece and Rome.

Bernard said that the Greeks in the classical period did not know the "Aryan model" at all. They did not think that their political system, science, philosophy or religion was originally created by white people, but originated in the East, especially Egypt.

But is the ancient Egyptian civilization a real historical existence, or is it also a forgery of modern Westerners?

What else is Sumerian, Babylonian, Egyptian, Indian, linguistic fiction about the Indo-European language family, what ancient Egyptian scripts cracked by Shang Boliang-after the Western Renaissance, especially the entire world constructed in the 19th century colonial period In ancient history, which one is true and credible? Westerners continue to forge archaeology until now, such as what Aristotle's cemetery is, they are all fake and ridiculous fake history and fake archaeology!

When I exposed the false history of the West, I said that the movement of Western forgery of Greco-Roman Classics is related to the financial support behind the mysterious organization of Freemasonry, the mysterious banker.

Some stupid Chinese literati scoffed at this argument. They say that Freemasonry is a lizardman.

But it is interesting that Professor Bernard has several interesting subtitles in Chapter 3 of this book:

"Rose Cross: Ancient Egypt in Protestant Countries

Ancient Egypt in the 18th century

18th century: China and the peasants

18th century: Britain, Egypt and Freemasonry

France, Egypt, and "progress": the myth of the ancient and modern battle as an Egyptian scientific fable

Expedition to Egypt"

Stupid, ignorant, literate Chinese literati, you might as well read this book.

At least you will know that Freemasonry is not a lizardman but a real historical existence (and the Rose Cross, related to the later Red Cross), these things that are rare for your mentally handicapped, perhaps more than those of you cultural parrots Existence is even more real. I hope that your stupid head can learn a little more by reading more books. Author/He Xin