[China Energy Construction won the bid for Cambodia power generation project] Recently, China Energy Construction Anhui Electric Power Construction Corporation won the bid for the A section of the main project of two 350 MW coal-fired power stations in Sihanoukville, Cambodia, responsible for the installation of the main building of Unit 1 and the installation of some public systems. The project is located in the northeast of Sihanoukville. Two 350 MW coal-fired power stations will be built. It is planned to be completed in 2022 and put into operation in 2023. After completion, the annual power generation will reach 4.6 billion kwh, which will further promote the comprehensive economic and social development of Cambodia. Editor/Tian Zengpeng
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  • 2022.05.23 18:42
  • [Germany and Qatar sign energy deal]
  • Germany signed an energy deal with Qatar to import liquefied gas and jointly develop hydrogen fuel as Europe's largest economies race to ease energy pressure from Russia. The partnership was signed during a visit by Qatari Emir Sheikh Tamim Al Thani to Berlin to meet Prime Minister Olaf Schultz and other officials. The four-page statement envisages Qatari gas exports to Germany, as well as collaboration between scientists from the two countries on hydrogen, energy efficiency and renewable energy. But no date has been given for the first LNG supply. Editor/Xing Wentao
  • 2022.05.23 18:42
  • [Texas Instruments spends $30 billion open semiconductor factory in its hometown]
  • Texas Instruments broke ground this week in the town of Sherman, about 20 kilometers north of Dallas, to produce 300-millimeter semiconductor chips. If fully completed, the project is expected to be worth $30 billion. Governor Greg Abbott, who attended the ceremony, described the project as the largest economic development investment in Texas history. Editor/Xing Wentao