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China Harbour and WSP signed a design contract for Bogota Metro Line 1

Seetao 2020-08-28 15:10
  • The Bogota Metro Line 1 project has been fully launched on August 28, 2020
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On August 21, 2020, China Harbour and WSP Colombia formally signed the overall design contract for the Bogotá Metro Line 1 project.

The start date of the design contract for the Bogota Metro Line 1 project is August 28, 2020. WSP Columbia will integrate global high-quality resources such as WSP Canada and WSP UK to provide civil engineering, electromechanical, and rail system design services for the project. The overall designer integrates the design results of the signal designer and the vehicle designer, and is fully responsible for the review and approval of the project design plan.

The operating standard of the Bogota Metro Line 1 project is GOA4 fully automatic driverless, requiring the use of full BIM forward design, and detailed decomposition and analysis of the track system RAMS, which represents the current higher standards in the current international track projects of the same type. Editor/Tian Zengpeng