China Metallurgical's construction of Sri Lanka's Central Expressway has started

Seetao 2020-09-16
  • The Central Sri Lanka Expressway is 36.59 kilometers long and will promote the economic development of Sri Lanka when completed

On September 15, 2020, the first section of the Sri Lanka Central Expressway (CEP) contract signed by China Metallurgical Group officially started. It is reported that the contract value of the project is 1.164 billion U.S. dollars, and it will be constructed by China 20th Metallurgical Corporation. It is the third expressway undertaken by China Metallurgical Corporation in Sri Lanka.

The project was signed in August 2016 with a total length of 36.59 kilometers. During this period, China Metallurgical has maintained good cooperation with two Sri Lankan governments. It has experienced the severe impact of the new crown epidemic and other unfavorable factors. However, China Metallurgical Sri Lanka has overcome many difficulties and made every effort. Maintain market enthusiasm, and finally gnaw this hard bone.

After the completion of the Central Expressway, it will connect the capital Colombo with the religious holy city of Kandy in the central part, and realize efficient interconnection with the airport expressway, the Colombo outer ring expressway, and the southern expressway, which will promote the smooth connection of the Sri Lanka expressway into a network. So far, China Metallurgical has participated in the construction of three of the four existing highways in Sri Lanka, with a total length of 76 kilometers. With advanced technology and excellent quality, the people of China Metallurgical have realized the dream of several generations in Sri Lanka. The road construction project in Sri Lanka A strong stroke in history. Editor/He Yuting