Take you to a comprehensive understanding of SEM676D loader

Seetao 2020.10.13
  • Now, let us have a comprehensive understanding of SEM676D through the following introduction video

Whether it is a port, a mine, a steel plant or a large construction site, the SEM676D wheel loader of Sangong can handle it with ease, especially suitable for the loading and transshipment of loose materials such as iron ore powder, coal, and sand.

The SEM676D wheel loader is equipped with a high-performance National III engine with a towing capacity of up to 208KN and a rising force of 215KN. It is equipped with a three-stage air filter, an electromagnetic fan, and a four-valve design to ensure power and improve efficiency. Equipped with a single-variable confluence hydraulic system to provide extra traction to the tires when the hydraulic system is not fully working. The confluence hydraulic system reduces the three-phase sum time and greatly improves work efficiency.

Sangong SEM676D wheel loaders are versatile, suitable for various working conditions, with ease, comfortable and comfortable to drive, and smooth to use. Confidence comes from the visible hard-core strength, when and where SEM676D wheel loader is your calm old buddy.Editor/Luo Wentao

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