The special excavator for railways jointly launched by Sunward CRRC was launched

Seetao 2020.10.19
  • The railway excavators that are off the assembly line are new products of 15 tons, 8 tons and 2 tons.

On October 17, 2020, the off-line ceremony of the multifunctional engineering maintenance machinery (excavator for railways) jointly developed by Sunward Intelligent and CRRC Zhuzhou Institute Baoji Times was held in Zhuzhou, marking the substantial progress and results of the cooperation between the two parties .

Zhuzhou Institute Baoji Times is a domestic leader in the research and development and manufacturing of rail engineering machinery, and is also the first professional manufacturer to develop multi-functional maintenance machinery for public works. On July 28 this year, He Qinghua, Chairman of Sunward Intelligent, and Li Donglin, Chairman of CRRC Zhuzhou Institute met, and the two parties reached an agreement on the joint development of special railway equipment. As the advanced representatives in their respective fields, CRRC Zhuzhou Institute and Sunward Intelligent have joined forces and sincerely cooperated to achieve a breakthrough in the field of railway construction machinery in just 81 days, and developed three models of 15 tons, 8 tons and 2 tons. New products for railway excavators. The three special railway excavators have the advantages of good maneuverability, convenient entry and exit, rapid cutting in and out, strong adaptability, and flexible construction modes. They can effectively realize operation mechanization and greatly reduce operating costs.

At the off-line ceremony, Liu Ke’an, general manager of CRRC Zhuzhou Institute, highly appreciated Sunward’s innovative achievements in the 21 years since its establishment. He hoped to take the opportunity of the official off-line of the multi-functional public service maintenance machinery (excavator for railways) to be firm The confidence and determination of both parties to cooperate and develop together, accurately grasp the development trend of railway engineering equipment, better integrate the technical advantages of both parties, and make their own contributions to the realization of the intelligentization of domestic railway engineering equipment.

He Qinghua, Chairman of Sunward Intelligent, expressed his sincere admiration for CRRC Zhuzhou’s firm grasp of the core high-speed rail technology, and the global market share of CRRC’s high-speed rail products exceeding 70%. It is full of expectations for further in-depth cooperation in other fields. CRRC Zhuzhou Institute and Sunward Intelligent must dig deep into their key core technologies and jointly create more and more advanced products for the country.

Liu Xinhua, executive deputy head of Hetang District, Zhuzhou City, Zhang Xiangyang, deputy general manager of CRRC Zhuzhou, Zhang Daqing, deputy general manager of Sunward Intelligent, Niu Jie, party secretary of CRRC Times Electric, Wu Wenwei, secretary of Sunward Intelligent, Lu Yunbo, general manager of Times Electronic, and Sunward Intelligent Lin Hongwu, general manager of the oil and gas pipeline equipment division, Wang Xiubo, general manager of CRRC Baoji, and Zou Xiangfu, general manager of Hunan Sunward Technology attended the ceremony.Editor/Luo Wentao

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