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Good news! Gezhouba International Market won three bids

Seetao 2020-10-27
  • Energy China Gezhouba International has been deeply involved in the international market and has made breakthroughs in emerging markets

In recent days, Energy China Gezhouba has continued its efforts in key international countries and breakthroughs in emerging markets, winning three bids.

China-Africa Boali No. 1 Power Station Restoration Project

Energy China Gezhouba International received a notice from the Ministry of Energy Development and Water Resources of China and Africa on the successful bidding of the Boali No. 1 power station restoration project.

The project is located in the upstream of Boali No. 2 Power Station in Central Africa undertaken by the company. The main work content is the repair work of the Boali No. 1 power station generator.

The project is jointly implemented by a joint venture formed by Gezhouba International and Huazi Technology Co., Ltd. This is another achievement of Gezhouba International after winning the bid for the Boali No. 2 power station project.

Coastal Road Project in Lima, Peru

The Peru branch of Energy China Gezhouba Group received the notice of winning the bid for the Binhai Road project from the owner Lima City Government and the International Organization for Migration (OIM).

The project is located in Lima, the capital of Peru. The main content of the project is to upgrade the existing road with a total length of 9.6 kilometers to concrete pavement, and to build a viaduct connected to the Pan-American Highway, including drainage system, signal engineering, environmental protection, etc., road design The speed is 60km/h.

This is the sixth spot exchange project that Gezhouba won the bid after the resumption of work in Peru, laying a foundation for the further implementation of project group management.

Ethiopian Turk industrial plant and supporting projects

Energy China Gezhouba Group and Ethiopian Leading Industries Co., Ltd. signed a contract agreement for the Tateke industrial plant and supporting projects, realizing a new breakthrough in the Ethiopian housing construction market and adding new impetus to the company's deepening of the Ethiopian market.

The project is located in the Ethiopian region. The main project of the contract is the construction of large-scale industrial plants and surrounding supporting facilities, including the design and construction of the main plant body, steel structure roof, and surrounding roads, electricity, water supply and other supporting systems.

Facing the challenge of the epidemic, we must concentrate superior resources to promote the implementation of major projects; at the same time, we must take into account the "small and beautiful" cash project, and strive to improve the quality of development to sprint the annual production and operation goals and tasks, and continue to forge ahead! Editor/Sang Xiaomei

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