[CRRC Qiqi obtained the first official vehicle license in the EU] Recently, the Laaers 560.3 special car transport vehicle independently developed by Shandong Company, a member company of CRRC Qiche Group, was exported to the German DB company and obtained EU model authorization and vehicle approval authorization to market. This marks that CRRC Qiche Group has become a Chinese locomotive. The vehicle manufacturer's first official vehicle license in the EU.Editor/Luo Wentao
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  • 2021.06.22 09:04
  • [The expansion project of Mojiao Dry Port in Ethiopia starts]
  • Recently, the Ethiopian Mojiao Dry Port Expansion Project undertaken by China Earth Group held a groundbreaking ceremony in Mojiao City. Mojiaohan Port is located in Oromia State in south-central Ethiopia. It is the largest inland port in Ethiopia and carries most of the country's imported goods for storage and transportation. The expansion of Mojiao Han Port cost about 110 million U.S. dollars, all of which was financed by loans from the World Bank. Editor/Tian Zengpeng
  • 2021.06.22 08:59
  • [Energy China signed the second phase of the Jalapur project in Pakistan]
  • Recently, Energy China Gezhouba Group and the Ministry of Irrigation of Punjab Province of Pakistan signed a construction contract for the second phase of the Jalapur irrigation spot exchange project. The project is a loan project of the Asian Development Bank. The project takes water from the Jerum River and constructs a 52-kilometer canal. The main buildings include the main canal inlet structure, main channel, lining, water distribution system, rainwater channel, cross drainage structure, road and bridge, etc. Editor/Tian Zengpeng