Shaanxi Automobile Heavy-Duty Truck Delong X6000 launches grand opening ceremony

Seetao 2020.11.12
  • See and at the event site, and many media were invited to witness this glorious moment with more than 100 audiences

On this day when people buy and buy online, Shaanxi Automobile also held a grand event offline and released and recommended Shaanxi’s latest Delong X6000 to the country and the world. The event scene was grand and magnificent, the ancient capital of the thirteen dynasties and the legacy of the Tang Dynasty, Shaanxi Automobile Heavy Trucks, received six inspections by the Party and the state, and ranked first in the domestic market, the forefront of the international market, and the leading integrated service solution in the domestic commercial vehicle industry Solution provider, a well-known domestic brand...Since the establishment of the factory in 1968, Shaanxi Automobile has adhered to the original intention and mission of creating excellence and serving the country. Everything is customer-centric, adheres to the production of the best products in the industry, and provides the best services in the industry The concept of quality has always been at the forefront of technological innovation and has grown into an important pillar of China's automobile industry.

Delong X6000 is a concrete manifestation of Shaanxi Automobile’s earnest implementation of the General Secretary’s “Four New” instructions and the spirit of the Fifth Plenary Session of the 19th Central Committee; it is Shaanxi Automobile’s sincerity to sharpen its sword for 10 years in accordance with the goal of “leading domestically and first-class internationally” The work; Shaanxi Automobile has a deep understanding of industry trends, striving to grasp market demand, and the strategic arrangement of Shaanxi Automobile’s 50-year history and future development; it is to promote Shaanxi Automobile to further enhance its competitiveness in the high-end market during the "14th Five-Year Plan" period. To achieve higher-quality development, the strategic layout made; Shaanxi Automobile has invested a lot of capital and energy, condensed the crystallization of the most advanced technology at present, and the quality products created with the spirit of craftsman will surely drive the new sublimation of the Shaanxi Automobile brand.Editor/Luo Wentao

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