Sunward produces special wetland excavators

Seetao 2020.11.19
  • It is a special wetland excavator customized by Sunward Intelligent according to the needs of customers in the Philippines

Have you ever seen such a thrilling scene of an excavator traveling leisurely in the water? On November 17, 2020, such a scene was staged in the Sunward Intelligent Moon Lake, which stunned many friends!

The wetland excavator relies on the strong buoyancy of the catamaran pontoon and low ground pressure, which can be applied to multi-purpose construction machinery for land, marsh soft ground and shallow water operations. In 2010, Sunward Intelligent began to develop wetland excavators. This SWE150ESD is based on the innovation and upgrade of traditional wetland excavators, allowing first-line international customers to go directly to the product development link.Editor/Luo Wentao

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