BYD sells thousands of lithium battery forklifts in Brazil

Seetao 2020.11.20
  • BYD has shipped thousands of lithium battery forklifts in Brazil, including T50 tractors

Brazil, located in the South American continent, not only has the inclusive immigrant culture, but also pursues the uniqueness of the body. From the beginning of BYD forklifts on this land, whether it is from the universal standard of new energy forklifts or the perspective of customized personality, It has been appreciated and recognized by many people from all walks of life.

Built-in BYD lithium iron phosphate battery, and advanced battery management system, fast charging, it is easy to charge and use, and it can truly achieve zero pollution, long life, convenience, safety and environmental protection. It has superior endurance, high and low temperature resistance, and can adapt to a variety of working conditions such as high strength, high load, and severe weather, and it can also greatly save costs for customers. It is equipped with internationally renowned brand drive axles, AC motors, perfectly matched with hydraulic and steering systems to ensure efficient power output and bring strong power. The high-power motor is placed in the middle and arranged in parallel with the output shaft, which saves space; the drive axle housing is the motor housing, and the motor has better heat dissipation and is more suitable for high-load conditions.

The BYD tractor with both strength and beauty, even in a foreign country, we are still very stable. This is the secret recipe for BYD forklift trucks in Brazil.Editor/Luo Wentao

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