Zero emission, hydrogen fuel cell hybrid electric locomotive off line!

Seetao 2021.01.28
  • On January 27, 2021, China's self-developed hydrogen hybrid locomotive was released in the cloud of CRRC Datong company

Hydrogen fuel hybrid electric locomotive is the latest achievement in the application of hydrogen energy in the field of China's railway locomotives, marking a key breakthrough in China's hydrogen energy utilization technology, and China's railway locomotive equipment has entered the global highland of hydrogen energy technology.

The hydrogen fuel cell hybrid platform does not need to burn to get energy, achieving zero emissions of carbon and pollutants. The design speed is 80 km / h, the continuous power is 700 kW, and the full load hydrogen can run for 24.5 hours. The maximum traction load of the straight track is more than 5000 tons. With the integration technology of lithium battery and hydrogen fuel cell, the energy conversion efficiency is about 1.7 times that of the traditional internal combustion engine set, and the braking absorbs the regenerative energy to achieve the optimal energy output. Compared with the traditional diesel shunter, the noise is reduced by about 18 dB. It has more advantages in subway, tunnel and other closed environment.

Modular design is adopted for the whole vehicle, and flexible collocation of different power modes is customized according to the user's needs. Operation, shunting, rescue and multiple missions will be achieved. (please refer to for reprint.  )Video program director of / Sun Mengmeng

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