Sany electric front suspension for Ningbo C position

Seetao 2021.02.01
  • The endurance is guaranteed and the performance is further improved.

Recently, a Sany electric front crane was delivered to Ningbo Baichuan Gangtong, the first new energy front crane purchased by private enterprises in Jiangsu, Zhejiang and Shanghai,

It is also the sixth Sany front crane of Baichuan Gangtong.

The person in charge of Baichuan Gangtong admitted that he was a little nervous when he bought new energy equipment for the first time. Although he can save a lot of fuel cost in a year, it is common to "change people without stopping the machine" in peak season, which has high requirements for the endurance and performance of the equipment. After observing the actual operation of Sany electric frontal crane at Ningbo port, Baichuan Gangtong made up its mind.

Awesome strength in 20 hours

In the actual operation, Sany electric frontal crane can operate on pure electricity for 5-6 hours through potential energy recovery, independent power supply and other technologies, and the hourly energy consumption is 15% lower than that of similar products. When the range extender is turned on, the fuel consumption per hour is 40% lower than that of the traditional fuel engine, and the engine can operate continuously for 20 hours.

Improved performance and higher efficiency

The endurance is guaranteed and the performance is further improved.

In the design, Sany adopts the motor-driven electronic control pump system, which can accurately distribute the action flow, making the action control more accurate. The boom telescopic, boom pitching, spreader and traveling are driven by different motors, so the linkage effect is better and the operation efficiency is higher.

In addition, dual motor direct drive and stepless speed regulation are adopted to ensure the driver's operation comfort while driving acceleration response is faster. The person in charge of Baichuan Gangtong said that the new electric front crane is conducive to the improvement of the competitiveness of Baichuan Gangtong industry. Editor / Liu Lu

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