Economic experts interpret China's GDP breaking the 100 trillion yuan

Seetao 2021.02.07
  • How did China's GDP break the 100 trillion yuan mark?National experts read from the perspectives of policy, economics and cooperation

In 2020, China's economy will still show positive growth despite the new epidemic. Now that China's GDP has surpassed 100 trillion yuan, how did China achieve this goal? What does this number mean for the world? Let's hear from some economic experts.

Economic experts believe that China can achieve such a remarkable result, the first factor is China's control of the epidemic, and the second is the superiority of China's economic system. China is a socialist economy, and macroeconomic policies are very important for market liquidity, such as vigorously promoting the development of small enterprises to ensure employment. It is also crucial that China has always adhered to the policy of opening up, which has ensured the trade between China and other countries, established friendly relations, and finally formed a virtuous circle.

China will be the biggest driver of the world economy. At a time when the world economy needs to recover, China can provide a boost to the world economy. (Reprinted please indicate Jiandao website Jiandao website video column editor/Gan Linping