Break through 100000000! Carbon neutralization of XCMG electric slag truck

Seetao 2021.02.25
  • We will continue to increase technological innovation and investment in resources

XCMG's 60 electric version muck trucks are lined up in the factory, majestic and ready to go. After the delivery of these pure electric slag trucks, they will become the "white corps" that will help Xuzhou step into the "Metro era" and guard the blue sky and pure land of the city. Following the launch of "the first urban new energy waste dump truck power exchange operation demonstration project" in December 2020, XCMG's new energy waste dump truck power exchange version was delivered in large quantities again, and the turnover has exceeded 100 million

In order to actively respond to the national goal of "carbon peak by 2030 and carbon neutralization by 2060", XCMG adheres to the green development trend and continuously promotes the rapid development of new energy vehicle industry driven by technological innovation. New energy heavy truck technology has been at the leading level in the country, and the electric heavy truck model is leading the country.

Using LiFePO4 battery drive, low noise and zero emission, greatly reduce energy costs; taking intelligent network connection as a breakthrough, reconstruct the clean transportation ecology of waste soil, fundamentally solve the problems of overload, overspeed, overrun and so on. In addition to being environmentally friendly, XCMG's electric version of slag truck has outstanding advantages of strong power, safety and reliability, long-term battery life, intelligent control and strong adaptability.

XCMG's all electric slag truck only takes 5 minutes for the whole power exchange process. One power exchange station can realize 150 times of slag truck power exchange every day, solving 4.5 million cubic meters of slag transportation every year. Taking 200 XCMG new energy residue trucks as an example, compared with the same number of fuel vehicles, the diesel oil can be saved by about 8 million liters and the carbon dioxide emission can be reduced by about 25000 tons, thus truly realizing the green transportation of urban residue. Video column Director / Liu Lu

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