China's high-quality development is important to the Arab world

Seetao 2021.03.10
  • As for the two sessions, Arab countries pay close attention to China's policy changes and economic development

China's two sessions have attracted great attention from people all over the world, including Arab countries. For the two sessions, an Arab expert shared his views.

China's economic development has a huge impact on the Arab world. For many Arab countries, China is their largest trading partner, such as Egypt, and the changes and transformation of China's economy will come as well. It has had a dramatic impact on Arab countries. The direction of China's investment in the next few years and the role of Arab countries in these investment projects are of great concern to the Arab people.

On the construction of One Belt And One Road, experts believe that this economic structure has promoted political ties, strengthened China-Arab relations and played a positive role in the development of both sides. In the future, the Arab people hope to continue to maintain cooperative and win-win relations with China, jointly build One Belt And One Road development, and push China-Arab economic and trade cooperation to a new level. (Please note for reprint) video column editor/Linping Gan editing and packaging/Guangyi Zhu