NPC representative Liu Feixiang made brilliant suggestions at the two sessions

Seetao 2021.03.12
  • During the two sessions, Liu Feixiang, deputy to the National People's Congress, made a speech

Representative Liu Feixiang said in an interview that during the "13th Five-Year Plan" period, we have made a series of major breakthroughs in science and technology, such as the aerospace "Tianwen-1", "Chang'e-5", deep-sea probes, and our shields. It can be said that we have entered the sea into the earth, and our scientific and technological strength has reached a new level.

In an interview with the media, representative Liu Feixiang believed that the use of blockchain technology features such as decentralization, credibility, and high efficiency can provide an effective management environment and technological innovation. He suggested building an industrial blockchain in the construction machinery industry to promote related companies On the chain, establish an efficient collaborative ecosystem.

“For manufacturing enterprises, with many factories and large area, the tax burden on real estate tax is high.” Representative Liu Feixiang said in an interview with the media that it is recommended to include the land price in the original value of the real estate and collect the real estate tax. The amendments will no longer include land prices in the original value of real estate and collect real estate tax, which will effectively reduce corporate tax burden.

Representative Liu Feixiang said in an interview with the media that with the transformation and upgrading of my country’s manufacturing industry, the country’s requirements for construction safety, environmental protection and engineering quality have greatly improved, outdated equipment and construction techniques are eliminated, and the upgrade to automation has been promoted in an all-round way. , Informatization, and intelligent advanced construction equipment is an inevitable trend.

In this year's government work report, it is proposed to rely on innovation to promote the high-quality development of the real economy and cultivate new momentum for growth. Representative Liu Feixiang said in an interview with the media that equipment manufacturing enterprises should be the first to connect upstream and downstream enterprises to give full play to the main role of enterprises in technological innovation.

Representative Liu Feixiang pointed out in an interview with Hunan Daily and Hunan Satellite TV that during the "14th Five-Year Plan" period, there will be more and more super projects such as plateau railways and cross-sea tunnels, and the equipment manufacturing industry has a lot to do. It is necessary to continue to pay attention to the development of the national advanced manufacturing industry, increase independent innovation, accelerate product upgrading, and use independent innovation to promote the high-quality and leap-forward development of the equipment manufacturing industry, and contribute to the realization of "Made in China" and "Created in China". Heavy industry power.

Representative Liu Feixiang said that it is our responsibility and responsibility to implement the "three highs and four new" strategy, forge hard power, build sophisticated, and climb the commanding heights, and be determined to lead the world in the intelligentization of underground engineering equipment. Editor/Wang Jiangwen