Heilongjiang will build 800 kilometers of high-speed railway

Seetao 2021-03-16 14:27
  • Heilongjiang plans to build 800 kilometers of high-speed railways and 1,500 kilometers of expressways
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On March 10, 2021, the "Fourteenth Five-Year Plan for National Economic and Social Development of Heilongjiang Province and the Outline of Vision Goals for 2035" were officially released. In terms of transportation and infrastructure construction, during the "14th Five-Year Plan" period, Heilongjiang plans to build 800 kilometers of high-speed railways and 1,500 kilometers of expressways, advance the construction of projects such as the Harbin Airport expansion project, and create a modern comprehensive transportation system.

Looking back at the "Thirteenth Five-Year Plan" period, the infrastructure support capacity of Heilongjiang Province has been significantly enhanced. The internal section of the Tongjiang Railway Bridge was successfully completed, Harbin-Jiamen Railway Station and Hamu Railway Station were put into operation, Harbin Railway Station became a beautiful business card, the construction of Mujia Railway-Yimen Railway Bridge and Jiahe Railway accelerated, and the construction of Ha-Sui Railway-Yimen Railway Bridge and Beihei Railway started ahead of schedule. The Heilongjiang high-speed railway network is basically formed. The T2 terminal of Harbin Airport was put into use, the second east runway was approved, and the airport network was further improved. The construction of highways such as Jingha, Suida, Hazhao, etc. has been accelerated, and the expressway network covering the whole province has been improved.

During the "14th Five-Year Plan" period, we will promote high-quality all-round opening up and cooperation and vigorously develop the channel economy.

Promote the interconnection of infrastructure, promote the operation of the Tongjiang China-Russia Cross-River Railway Bridge and the Heihe Highway Bridge, build the Heihe China-Russia Cross-River Cableway, and work with relevant parties in Russia to study and promote the expansion of the Suifenhe-Grogekovo Cross-Border Railway The renovation project promotes the construction of Dongning Jiehe Bridge. Actively participate in the transportation cooperation of Binhai No. 1 International Transport Corridor and the Silk Road on Ice, support the safe, sustainable and high-quality development of China-Europe Express (Harbin) and Kazakhstan-Swiss-Russia-Asia land-sea combined transport, and build a major international economic and trade corridor connecting east to west and north to south.


Further improve the high-speed railway network, operate the Mujia passenger special train in advance, complete the Jiamusi-Hegang railway transformation project, the Tieli-Yichun railway, construct the Harbin-Tieli railway, open up key nodes such as Suihua and Yichun, and build Harbin as the center One-hour, two-hour rapid traffic circle.

Further optimize the general-speed railway network, accelerate the upgrading and transformation of existing lines, strengthen the construction of branch railways, expand the coverage, improve the quality of the road network, and achieve rapid access to Heihe and Jiagedaqi, and rapid connection between border ports and cities. Speed up the construction of special railway lines and promote the entry of railways into logistics parks and industrial and mining enterprises.

  • Build 800 kilometers of high-speed railway. It mainly includes the construction of the Mudanjiang-Jiamusi railway, the Tieli-Yichun railway, the construction of the Mudanjiang-Dunhua railway, the Harbin-Tieli railway, the planning of the Qiqihar-Tongliao railway, and the Qiqihar-Manzhouli railway.

  • 1,250 kilometers of general-speed railways were newly built and transformed. It mainly includes the construction of the railway reconstruction of Beihei, Jiahe, Fujia, Ha-Suibei (Longzhen) and the railway from Baoqing to Chaoyang, planning the reconstruction of the Jiamusi-Tongjiang (Fuyuan) railway, the reconstruction of the Suihua-Jiamusi railway, and the new construction Mohe-Mangui Railway, etc.

  • 100 kilometers of special railway lines will be newly built and reconstructed. Construct special railway lines such as Suihua Economic and Technological Development Zone, Yihai Kerry (Fuyu), Nehe Central Heating, and promote Harbin Iron and Steel Industrial Park, Daqing High-tech Zone, Yihai Kerry (Mishan), Songling District lead-zinc-molybdenum mines Wait for railway special line projects.

By 2025, the railway operating mileage will exceed 7,100 kilometers, and a convenient and efficient modern railway transportation network will be basically formed. Editor/He Yuting


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