Zhengzhou Nissan Xinrui Qi Fuel-saving Race officially launched

Seetao 2021.03.17
  • Equipped with Yuchai’s new YCY24 diesel engine, Xinrui Qi can easily start even under heavy loads

Recently, the regional trials for the “Rich Pickup Trucks” Zhengzhou Nissan’s new pioneering Qi listing and fuel-saving competition were opened in Shenzhen, Guangdong, Zhengzhou, Henan, Yulin, Guangxi, Quanzhou, Fujian, and Jinhua, Zhejiang.

As a wealth-creating pickup truck, Xinrui Qi's price of 77,800 yuan-115,800 yuan is really fragrant! In order to allow consumers across the country to personally experience the hard power of cutting-edge Qi Qi in fuel-saving and wealth-making, it is sponsored by China Automotive Engineering Research Institute Co., Ltd., undertaken by Zhengzhou Nissan Motor Co., Ltd., and co-organized by Guangxi Yuchai Machinery Co., Ltd. The competition for hegemony also kicked off.

The competition was conducted under the joint supervision of the above-mentioned units at all levels based on the principles of fairness, impartiality and openness. Each contestant was evaluated publicly to ensure the fairness of the results of the competition. The competition will be conducted in the first round of trials in all regions of the country. In the end, the top three in each region will advance to the final to compete for the championship.

Xinruiqi is eye-catching on the market, showing off its skills in fuel-saving competitions

Recently, Xinrui Qi was listed in Shenzhen, Guangdong, Zhengzhou, Henan, Yulin, Guangxi, Quanzhou, Fujian and Jinhua, Zhejiang, attracting many local consumers to come to watch. At the press conference, the staff were very enthusiastic about Xinrui Qi’s strong power and economy. The aspects of fuel economy, driving safety, and reliable quality were introduced in detail. Although many people at the scene already knew the price of Xinrui Qi, there was still a small climax after the official announcement of the price. People at the scene said that the price was really "heartbeat"!

The trials officially started after the launch. Participants in each region were divided into two batches. During the driving process, there were both slow urban road conditions and unobstructed road sections. The comprehensive experience of various road conditions throughout the journey was great. The simulation of the real car usage of some users can more objectively reflect the daily fuel consumption performance of Xinruiqi.

While the first group of people competed, users who stayed on the scene received fuel-saving skills training. Professional lecturers combined the product characteristics of Xinruiqi, from the three core user concerns of fuel saving, maintenance, and maintenance, gave a detailed explanation of the product, and answered the questions raised by the user on the spot. In addition, there were also experienced old drivers who showed up and shared their opinions. Tips for using new cars, keeping cars, and fuel-saving.

After a day of fierce competition, the final fuel consumption results of the five-place trials were 3.55L/100KM at Guangdong Shenzhen Station, 3.74L/100KM at Henan Zhengzhou Station, 3.80L/100KM at Guangxi Yulin Station, 4.30L/100KM at Quanzhou Station in Fujian, and Jinhua, Zhejiang. The station 5.20L/100KM ended perfectly. What's more gratifying is that many contestants expressed strong willingness to buy and booked cars on site. As the competition unfolds across the country, I believe that more users will choose Xinwei Qi to witness a fuel-saving peak showdown.

Xinruiqi is economical and fuel-efficient, with guaranteed quality and durability

The advantages of Xinruiqi's strong power and economical fuel saving are derived from the Yuchai’s new YCY24 diesel engine, which has a maximum torque of 350N·m and a low-speed torque of 280N·m. This power characteristic is very suitable for pickup trucks in construction sites. State Grid, engineering repairs, short-distance freight and other use scenarios of Yishang IKEA, powerful low-speed and high-torque characteristics, allow Xinruiqi to start easily even under heavy loads. And this engine integrates similar advanced technologies in Europe, adopts a high-efficiency combustion system, and a combustion chamber design with high mixing efficiency effectively improves fuel utilization. In actual use by different users, fuel consumption is much lower than similar products.

In addition, the noise of the YCY24 diesel engine at 1 meter idling speed is as low as 66 decibels, and the noise under the calibration condition of 1 meter is equivalent to that of a gasoline engine, making it one of the diesel engines with the best noise level in the world. In order to be closer to the comfortable experience of a family car, the cutting-edge Qiqi equipped with the YCY24 diesel engine has undergone excellent vehicle NVH tuning, and the noise at idle speed is as low as 47 decibels, and the ride is extremely comfortable.

Xinruiqi is not only fuel-efficient, but also reliable in quality. Based on the Nissan D22 platform, the cutting-edge Qi uses the Zone Body high-strength lightweight body and the classic "O"-shaped fully enclosed frame, and transplants part of the Navarre advanced chassis technology. The three-layer structure coating technology of the body is ten years of anti-rust and solid skin. durable.

Such a pickup truck that saves worry, trouble and fuel consumption can bring users not only economic benefits, but also peace of mind and protection. Backed by Zhengzhou Nissan’s 28 years of professional pickup manufacturing experience, Yuchai’s YCY24 with Xinruiqi will be the most trusted partner on the road to wealth creation. See video column editor/Ge Siyu

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