BICES 2021 Media Forum was successfully held in Beijing

Seetao 2021.03.17
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On the morning of March 16, 2021, the 16th China (Beijing) International Exhibition and Technical Exchange of Construction Machinery, Building Materials Machinery and Mining Machinery (" BICES 2021 ") media symposium was held in China Construction Machinery Industry Association (" BICES 2021 "). Association general secretary and Beijing day ShiHuaGong Su Zimeng, international exhibition co., LTD. (hereinafter referred to as "the exhibition company"), chairman of Lv Ying Wu Peiguo, vice secretary general and exhibition company general manager, deputy secretary-general Yin Xiaoli, zhonggong engineering machinery co., LTD. (hereinafter referred to as "complete company"), general manager of Li Jin, China Council for the Promotion of International Trade machinery industry branch (hereinafter referred to as "mechanical ccpit"), vice President of Wang Shoubo organizer and related industry such as media on behalf of a total of 40 people attended the event.

Association deputy secretary general and general manager of the exhibition company Lv Ying presided over the meeting

Su Zimeng, the president of the association, made a speech on the development situation and current main work of the construction machinery industry

Su Zimeng pointed out that the current construction machinery industry leaders at all levels and the vast majority of workers, together with the people of the whole country, study the implementation of the general secretary xi important speech and the national "two sessions" spirit, closely related industry development reality, profound grasp of the new situation, new tasks and new requirements, our role and responsibility, bear, work, work continuously made new achievements, innovation and development continuously made new achievements. It is of special significance for us to convene today's meeting in this new and encouraging situation.

Construction machinery industry "13th Five-Year" set targets and tasks completed on time, to achieve the "13th Five-Year" a perfect ending. Industry sales revenue and product sales are growing rapidly. According to the statistics of the association, the industrial scale of the construction machinery industry has grown from 457 billion yuan at the end of the Twelfth Five-Year Plan (2015) to more than 700 billion yuan in 2020, with an average annual growth rate of about 8.96%. During the "13th Five-Year Plan" period, the construction machinery industry has achieved remarkable achievements in innovation and development. The industrial structure has been continuously optimized to meet the changing market demand. The pace of internationalization has been steadily promoted, the global industrial layout has been further improved, and the industry has entered a new stage of high quality. On the whole, there are still weak links in the basic capacity of the construction machinery industry, the modernization level of the industrial chain still needs to be further improved, and the reliability and durability of some products still need to be improved.

The industry started 2021 well and is expected to maintain steady growth throughout the year. According to association statistics, as "fourteen five" opening year, industry key enterprise this year 1 to February industry main product sales made a good start, from all kinds of product sales look, achieved steady growth, for the realization of industry "fourteen five" high quality development opened good bureau, good step. A series of major measures put forward in this year's Government Work Report will be conducive to the high-quality development of the construction machinery industry. We can foresee that as the "fourteen five" start year, the industry will continue to maintain a higher market prosperity, the industry's development pattern and keynote will not change, the whole industry will continue to maintain steady growth.

Construction machinery industry "difference" period faces good opportunities for development, the law of the People's Republic of China on the national economic and social development of a five-year plan and 2035 vision 14 outline (hereinafter referred to as "the outline") put forward a series of important measures to carry out, will bring "difference" during construction machinery industry is more broad space for innovation and development. The outline of the third article in chapter 8 of the third quarter, promote upgrading of the manufacturing industry is put forward: to cultivate advanced manufacturing clusters, drive IC, aerospace, shipbuilding and Marine engineering equipment, robots, advanced rail transportation equipment, advanced electrical equipment, engineering machinery, high-end CNC machine tools, pharmaceutical and medical equipment industry innovation and development; In Box 4, the research, development and application of advanced engineering machinery are proposed in the major technology and equipment related to the improvement of core competitiveness of manufacturing industry. This is the affirmation and trust of our work in the whole industry, and points out the direction for the high-quality development of the construction machinery industry. It is also a higher standard and stricter requirement for the leaders and employees at all levels of the industry. From the market demand analysis, puts forward the development strategy of the guidelines, goals, tasks, major projects and key projects will continue to improve engineering machinery market demand, especially the infrastructure construction, the layout of regional development, the urban rural construction and people's livelihood security engineering, etc., all need the participation of the construction machinery manufacturers, this is also the future of China's construction machinery market will keep growing important motivation.

Su Zimeng finally introduced the main work of the current industry: in-depth study and comprehensive implementation of General Secretary Xi Jinping series of important speeches and the spirit of the national "two sessions"; Give full play to the advantages of the construction machinery industry, accelerate the development and application of advanced construction machinery, and promote the innovative development of the construction machinery industry; Correctly study and judge, carefully analyze, and scientifically grasp the development situation of the construction machinery industry in 2021, and do a good job in the industry comprehensively; Timely release and organize the implementation of the construction machinery industry "Fourteenth Five-Year" development plan; Grandly held BICES 2021, give full play to the unique to Beijing BICES industry advantage, regional advantage, brand advantage, and organizers of the exhibition hall, for the enterprise develops the market, providing the service brand and customer communication, for all the exhibitors and the general results of user communication, brand promotion and market development to provide the international high level platform for the industry of convention and exhibition this year!

Wu Peiguo, secretary general of the association and chairman of the exhibition company, gave a keynote speech on "Promoting Beijing BICES 2021 Industry Summit"

Wu Peiguo said that March 16 is the first day after Beijing adjusted its epidemic prevention and control policy this spring, indicating a new victory in the domestic epidemic control, and indicating that the preparatory work of BICES 2021 will enter a full-scale stage based on the initial achievements made in the previous stage. The introduction of the Outline, combined with the work arrangement for 2021 in the government work report, indicates that the growth pattern and tone of the industry will not change this year. At the same time, based on the excellent prevention and control measures of the Chinese government on the COVID-19 and the gradual vaccination, the overall environment for the exhibition will be more favorable.

Wu Peiguo then introduced the preparatory work of BICES 2021, pointing out that based on the recognition of the five advantages of BICES and the effect of previous exhibitions, as well as the good expectation of COVID-19 prevention and control, exhibitors registered enthusiastically, and both the number and area of exhibitors were significantly higher than that of the same period last year. Exhibition set up 13 large exhibition area has the basic forming, as we have learned a lot of exhibitors has launched the exhibition project planning and exhibits, a batch of digital, intelligent, a new type of engineering machinery and its supporting products, green and intelligent manufacturing, intelligent service, environmental protection, new materials, consumables and technology are in preparing. The audience organization work has been fully started, and more than 20,000 people including large engineering contractors, construction units, leasing companies, engineering companies and other construction machinery owners and users are planned to be directly invited, especially the construction units with super qualification of general contracting enterprises. Has now reached group visit and part of the construction unit, at the same time will be held in the key regional organizations users symposium invitation and site, coupled with the major business invitation and state organization construction the system construction contracting enterprise users at all levels and the audience, BICES 2021 exhibition for organizational performance in audience effectively break through 200000 person-time. During the exhibition, the organization of authoritative activities has been fully launched. During the exhibition, we will hold more than one hundred conferences, forums and on-site interactive experience and other special activities. There are also many major media participating in the same period of meetings and activities. Exhibition operation efficiency and quality of service will also get more ascension, on the basis of summarizing the previous, we have proposed a further enrich and promote the exhibition service guarantee scheme, optimizing service supplier and standardize the management, the exhibition is set to visit the guide, the museum security, transportation, logistics, food and beverage service aspects of the implementation of more efficient and thoughtful service. We will also pay close attention to the epidemic prevention policies and requirements of the government and the exhibition industry, make contingency plans, and strive to create a BICES that satisfies the effect of exhibitors and visitors and makes the process intimate and comfortable. BICES 2021 also has new additions and enhancements in terms of activities, channels, content and intensity. In terms of activities, BICES 2021 theme conference, Beijing press conference, US exhibition publicity, China Brand Day theme activities, science and technology innovation achievements exhibition area preparatory work kickoff, one-year countdown activities, BICES business reception, release of 2020 annual work summary, etc. In terms of publicity channels, while actively making full use of the publicity platforms of the three organizers, we have opened up new channels, such as the website of the vice president unit of the association, the website of key exhibitors, WeChat and other channels to release the exhibition information successively, so as to increase the audience of direct users of enterprises in the industry. Propaganda, opened up a BICES into the series feature, exhibitors demeanor, the small class 3 column, we later also will set the media column, hope the media will take the initiative to positive news from the perspective of media mining, we will provide the exhibitors with characteristics for each media publicity services provide the necessary help.

Wu Peiguo said that the media, especially the industry media, is an important part of the industry and also an important force to promote the development of the industry. He hoped that the media will continue to play a positive role in promoting the high-quality development of the construction machinery industry in the future, and will continue to give more input in expanding the influence of the BICES brand exhibition.

Wang Shoubo, vice president of CCPIT made a speech at the symposium

Wang Shoubo pointed out after hearing Su Zimeng President and secretary-general of Wu Peiguo to national policy, industry development situation and after BICES 2021 preparations for introduction, very exciting, do give us good BICES 2021 enhanced the confidence, mechanical ccpit since BICES 2021 preparation, successively visited many provinces trade promotion system units and commerce bureaus, the brother of the expanded BICES propaganda and improve the influence, fully understand the local departments of domestic subsidy policy of the exhibition, and strive for pressure relief for the enterprise participation and efforts contributed to cooperation, It has laid a solid foundation for the development of exhibition channels. At present, some local commercial departments have considered the introduction of corresponding subsidy policies for enterprises to participate in domestic exhibitions. In the current new good prevention and control of epidemic situation, hope the media friends can be more widely publicised, allow more enterprises and users safely come to visit the exhibition, and also hope that the media friends give us better Suggestions, help us to develop ideas, using more ways to help improve our exhibitors exhibition effect.

Li Jin, general manager of the whole set company, made a speech at the symposium

Zhang Hongmei, the president and chief editor of the construction machinery magazine, spoke in the communication link

China Road Machinery Network General Manager Fang Jianxian in the exchange of speech

Carpenter guest construction machinery general manager Yang Zhifang in the exchange link speech

Zhao lixiang, operation director of hecong construction machinery network, gave a speech in the exchange session

Cui Xin, the platform business manager of Tianjia Network, speaks in the communication link

Dong Meng, chief editor of the First Construction Machinery Network, speaks in the communication link

Li Hongcai, deputy chief editor of Construction Machinery Magazine, speaks at the exchange session

Liu Xuan, reporter of China Mining News, speaks at the exchange session

Du Hongwu, assistant director of the industry research center of the commercial automobile magazine, gave a speech at the exchange session

Construction machinery technology and management magazine editor-in-chief Wang Gang in the exchange link speech

Li Jin said complete company as one of the organisers of the BICES, more than 30 years has been contributing to BICES wisdom and strength, especially for BICES exhibition special working group was set up in 2021, under the unified leadership of the organizing committee, to provide more service to BICES 2021 successfully held, we combined the advantages of complete company also around construction machinery import and export business for enterprises to provide value-added services. Complete sets of small and medium-sized enterprises under the leadership of the company at the same time as the association service committee secretariat, established last year, according to the development of small and medium-sized enterprises carried on the thorough investigation, visiting a typical small and medium-sized enterprises in the industry, in the national medium enterprise integration is proposed in the development of industrial chain and supply chain construction has accumulated a lot of worth learning and promotion cases, while the industry has a lot of specialization, new "little giant" enterprises and individual champions, we are also planning to present by BICES, provide them with a bigger stage, common dedication to the industry a good grand construction machinery industry exhibition.(For reprint, please indicate Jiandao website Jiandao website video column editor/Linping Gan