CRRC: The first train of Kunming Metro Line 5 rolls off

Seetao 2021.03.17
  • The first train of Kunming Metro Line 5 successfully rolled off the line, marking the optimization of Kunming’s underground traffic

On March 16, 2021, with a loud whistle, a green and white subway train slowly pulled out, marking the first train of Kunming Metro Line 5 to roll out of Kunming CRRC Rail Transit Equipment Co., Ltd. This is the first rail transit vehicle completely "made in Kunming" from trial production to mass production, and it is also the first urban rail vehicle for CRRC Zhuji to use lithium titanate batteries.

Zhou Jiang, executive director of Kunming Metro Line 5 Investment Management Co., Ltd., Xu Changfu, vice president of China Railway Fourth Survey and Design Institute Group Co., Ltd. (referred to as "China Railway Fourth Institute"), Fu Chengjun, general manager of CRRC, and Xiao Gaohua, deputy general manager, Xu Haixia, the relevant departments of the China Railway Fourth Academy and the person in charge of the Kunming Line 5 project company attended the offline ceremony. The ceremony was presided over by Xu Haixia.

Train details

The Kunming Metro Line 5 trains are B-type cars with 6-section marshalling, with a maximum operating speed of 80km/h and a maximum passenger capacity of 2094 people. It is not only full of distinctive Kunming characteristics, but also has the characteristics of energy saving, environmental protection, safety and reliability, and comfortable experience. The body continues the overall plan of Kunming Metro, the theme color is green, and the interior is inspired by flying butterflies and growing leaves. It is refreshing and soft, and full of modern flavor. The overall design highlights Kunming’s “spring melts everything, harmonious development, and dare to be the first. The urban spirit of "pursuing excellence".

For the first time, the train uses lithium titanate batteries as an auxiliary power source. The battery has the characteristics of maintenance-free, environmentally friendly, small size, and high energy density, which can meet the emergency traction of the train for 2 kilometers, and it can also enable the train to realize "zero emission" movement in the field area without power grid.

The train is equipped with a highly reliable network control system with automatic driving and manual driving modes to improve the safety and stability of vehicle operation. The train uses a large number of composite materials to enhance the performance of sound absorption and heat insulation, shock and noise reduction, anti-corrosion and moisture-proof, and enhance the riding experience. At the same time, a 37-inch LCD dynamic map display is installed above the passenger compartment door, which clearly displays information such as site name, driving progress, and door opening direction, making it convenient for passengers to travel conveniently.

Internet celebrity line

Kunming Metro Line 5 is 29.96 kilometers long, with 22 stations planned to run through Panlong District, Wuhua District, Xishan District, Dianchi Resort and Guandu District, passing through the Expo Park area, Yuantong Park area, and the Convention and Exhibition Center area. The World Expo Garden, Yuantong Mountain, Green Lake, Dianchi Lake and other highly representative tourist attractions in Kunming. After the opening of Line 5, you can transfer to the first phase of Line 1, Line 2, Line 3, Line 4 that have already been in operation, which will help expand the scale of the city, improve the quality of the city, promote the development of tourism, and stimulate the surrounding economy along the line. Kunming’s socio-economic development is of great significance.

The Kunming Metro Line 5 train is the first rail transit vehicle to be fully trial-produced and produced locally in Kunming. In the face of the severe situation of the global epidemic, Kunming CRRC relies on CRRC Zhuji's advanced technical solutions and innovative project management, with the support of Kunming Rail Transit Group and China Railway Fourth Institute to form a capable team, concentrate high-quality resources, and fully develop Trial production and production of trains.

CRRC Kunming is the only enterprise in Yunnan that has the ability to manufacture, maintain and maintain rail transit equipment. After more than 10 years of development, it has not only realized the "Kunming Metro Kunming", but also has an annual production capacity of 200 rail transit vehicles. Repair capabilities, and provide a full range of guarantees for the safe operation of Kunming Metro through the creation of full life cycle services for rail transit equipment.

At present, CRRC Kunming is committed to the production and application of new rail transit equipment such as Wenshan tramcars. Relying on the existing technological advantages and industrial foundation, it actively expands the rail transit industry chain, strives to build Yunnan rail transit equipment industrial clusters, and advances Yunnan's advanced technology. Manufacturing high-quality development, to show the world a brand-new image of "Made in Yunnan". Editor/Xing Wentao

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