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Russian Beixi-2 pipe-laying ship heads to Danish waters

Seetao 2021-03-31 14:51
  • The United States believes that the "Beixi-2" project will enable European countries to deepen their dependence on Russian energy
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According to the news from the press office of Nord Stream 2 AG, the operator of the "Beixi-2" natural gas pipeline project, the Russian "Academician Chersky" pipe-laying vessel went to Danish waters to do the preliminary stage of pipeline laying for the "Beixi-2" project Ready to work.

Chairman of the Board of Directors of Gazprom: "Beixi 2" will be completed this year, 90%-92% has been completed

According to the company, the pipe-laying vessel "Academician Chersky" headed to the exclusive economic zone of Denmark to begin preparations before laying the pipeline. Nord Stream 2 AG announced in early March that after testing in the Kaliningrad region, the "Cherski Academician" will enter the Danish waters to lay the "North Stream-2" natural gas pipeline. At present, the Russian pipe-laying ship "Fortuna" has been laying pipelines and is completing the pipeline laying task of the second branch of the natural gas pipeline (line B) in Denmark. "Academician Chersky" will resume the first branch pipeline laying project on "Beixi-2" (Line A). Editor/Xu Shengpeng