China's vaccine helps the world fight the epidemic

Seetao 2021-04-07 14:50
  • China has now provided vaccine assistance to 80 countries and 3 international organizations
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Recently, China's new crown vaccine has arrived in many countries. Foreign governments and people have expressed their gratitude to China, believing that the vaccine provided by China is very important for its fight against the epidemic, and China has made irreplaceable and important contributions to international anti-epidemic cooperation.

Fulfill the promise

On April 3, the first batch of new crown vaccines purchased by the Georgian government from China and produced by Sinopharm arrived in Tbilisi, the capital of Georgia; on the evening of April 2, the first batch of new crown vaccines purchased by the Mongolian government arrived in the capital of Mongolia. Lambert; on April 1, the first batch of Coxing's new crown vaccine purchased by Azerbaijan from China arrived in Baku, the capital of Azerbaijan; on March 31, the Chinese government assisted Sri Lanka's new crown vaccine to be shipped to the Bandaranaike International Airport in Colombo, Sri Lanka; On March 30, the Chinese government aided Ethiopia’s new crown vaccine arrived in its capital Addis Ababa; on March 29, the Chinese government aided Palestine’s Sinopharm’s new crown vaccine arrived in Ramallah; March 29, The handover ceremony of the Chinese government's aid to the Nepalese government's new crown vaccine was held at the Prime Minister's residence in Kathmandu, the capital of Nepal... In the past few days, batches of Chinese new crown vaccines have been delivered to many countries.

China actively fulfills its commitment to make the new crown vaccine a global public product, and strives to improve the accessibility and affordability of vaccines in developing countries. It is providing vaccine assistance to 80 countries and 3 international organizations, and exports to more than 40 countries at the same time. vaccine. China has actively joined the "New Crown Vaccine Implementation Plan", promising to provide 10 million doses of vaccine and donating 300,000 doses of vaccine to peacekeepers. China cooperates with the International Olympic Committee to provide vaccines to athletes preparing to participate in the Olympics.

Foreign dignitaries expressed their gratitude for this. Mongolian Foreign Minister Battzeg said that during the severe period of Mongolia’s fight against the epidemic, China first provided free assistance to Mongolia’s vaccines and provided strong support for the vaccination of key populations in Mongolia. This time, the Chinese side provided the first batch of Chinese vaccines purchased by Mongolia in a short period of time to help Mongolia fight the epidemic and restore the economy. Mongolia expressed its heartfelt thanks for this.

Palestinian Health Minister Mai Kella said that China's vaccines rushed to Palestine and provided great support and assistance to Palestine in implementing the new crown vaccination plan. Pakistan highly appreciates China's firm fulfillment of its solemn commitment to make vaccines a global public product, and provides selfless help to developing countries such as Palestine with a responsible attitude and concrete measures.

Uzbekistan’s Minister of Health Hajibayev said that Uzbekistan attaches great importance to vaccine cooperation with China. The batch of Chinese new crown vaccines arriving in Uzbekistan will be distributed to more than 3,000 vaccination sites in the country to implement mass vaccination for the people.

Strengthen international cooperation

At present, vaccines have become the ultimate weapon to overcome the epidemic, and they are also the focus of the next step of international anti-epidemic cooperation. China firmly stands in the "first square" of international vaccine cooperation. Currently, it has carried out vaccine research and development and production cooperation with more than 10 countries, and more than 60 countries have authorized the use of Chinese vaccines.

The safety and effectiveness of Chinese vaccines are being widely recognized. The World Health Organization Immunization Strategy Advisory Expert Group said on March 31, 2021 that the relevant data of the two new crown vaccines submitted by China National Pharmaceutical Group and Kexing Company showed that their protective efficacy meets the requirements of the WHO and will not cause harm to the human body.

Analysts believe that China adheres to the nature of vaccine public products, unites and assists ASEAN countries in the face of the epidemic, and takes practical actions to resist "vaccine nationalism" and prevent the emergence of "vaccine gap", setting an example for global anti-epidemic cooperation. As the Philippine Foreign Minister Luoqin said, China's provision of vaccines is not to carry out "vaccine diplomacy", but to demonstrate China's responsibility.

China and Middle Eastern countries are good comrades in the fight against the epidemic. The UAE mainstream media "Federal Newspaper" published an article that the cooperation between China and the UAE on the new crown vaccine is a major event in the global fight against the new crown epidemic, reflecting the deep friendship and broad prospects of cooperation between the two countries, and promoting the ultimate international cooperation to overcome the epidemic. .

In Africa, China and African countries have been united to fight the epidemic. Ethiopian Health Minister Liya Tadsey said that China’s aid to the new crown vaccine is a strong testament to the strong relationship between Egypt and China. Since the outbreak of the new crown epidemic, Ethiopia and China have cooperated with each other, especially the Chinese government and non-governmental organizations have been supporting Egypt. Serbia fights the epidemic.

China and other countries are working together to bring more confidence and hope to the global fight against the epidemic. Editor/Tian Zengpeng