See how the world's first pure electric bulldozer SD17E-X is different

Seetao 2021.04.29
  • True pure electric drive, zero emissions, the world's first pure electric bulldozer

Adopting wheel-side direct drive transmission system, applying load adaptive control technology, fast power output response, strong explosive force, continuous output of constant traction, strong power at high speeds, and overall operating efficiency increased by more than 10%; onboard 240 kWh of electricity , Equipped with dual gun fast charging interface, the vehicle can work for 4-5 hours under heavy load conditions, and 6-8 hours under medium and light load conditions. Compared with traditional fuel equipment, the overall operating cost is reduced by more than 60%; the configuration is highly sealed In the cab, the driver’s ear noise is lower than 76dB, which greatly improves driving comfort; it adopts an intelligent temperature control system to achieve efficient cooling of the power battery, drive motor and controller. It is equipped with a 7-inch high-definition display and a friendly human-machine interface. Editor/Wang Jiangwen

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