China's first Antarctic scientific research station: Great Wall Station
Seetao 2021-05-10 17:48
  • The Chinese created a miracle in the history of Antarctic expedition in just 27 days
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On February 15, 1985, China's first Antarctic scientific research station, the Great Wall Station, was completed in the southern part of the Fildes Peninsula, King George Island, Antarctica. Five days later, the inauguration ceremony of the Great Wall Station was held in heavy snow.

On the morning of February 20, 1985, the inauguration ceremony of China's Antarctic Great Wall Station was held in heavy snow.

On the morning of December 31, 1984, the groundbreaking ceremony of the Great Wall Station in Antarctica was grandly held.

In the early 1980s, 18 countries had established more than 40 perennial scientific research bases in Antarctica. As a permanent member of the United Nations, China is the only country that has no voting rights on the Antarctic issue. On November 20, 1984, my country's first Antarctic expedition team composed of 591 people set off from Shanghai, and embarked on a historic voyage on the "Xiangyanghong 10" ocean-going expedition ship, which did not have ice-breaking capabilities. Guo Kun, the captain of China's first Antarctic scientific expedition team, said that before departure, all the team members signed a "life and death status."

Guo Kun: Signed by my wife. Nothing more, see you when the spring flowers bloom.

After 40 days of wandering at sea, on December 30, 1984, the expedition team boarded Antarctica. For the first time, the Chinese planted the five-star red flag on the Antarctic continent.

In December 1984, members of China's first Antarctic scientific expedition team boarded the Antarctic continent.

Guo Kun: Put that flag on the ground. This is the national flag of the People's Republic of China. The first national flag was put on the ground of Antarctica.

Subsequently, the Chinese scientific expedition team members who boarded the Antarctic continent for the first time braved the wind and snow, fought day and night, and built China's first Antarctic expedition station in just 27 days, creating a miracle in the history of Antarctic expedition.

Guo Kun: Some foreigners saw when they visited, the Chinese guy is doing it hard! Just say how much money do you make a day? I said that if I go to this site to build a website, if I want to make money, I won't come if I give me ten thousand a day. why? It is to revitalize China and win glory for the country.

After the Great Wall Station, more Chinese Antarctic scientific research stations have been established one after another.

In October 1985, the Great Wall Station was completed less than 8 months ago. At the 13th Antarctic Treaty Negotiations Conference, China formally became an Antarctic Treaty Negotiating State, and has since won the right to vote in international Antarctic affairs. Editor/He Yuting


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