2021 Beijing International Engineering Procurement Conference held in Beijing
Seetao 2021-05-28 17:27
  • The exhibition will bring together domestic and foreign infrastructure investment and construction
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On May 27, 2021, nearly 300 general contractors and suppliers from various industries in the industrial chain participated in the 3rd Beijing International Engineering Procurement Conference and Exhibition Promotion Conference in Beijing.

Highlights of the promotion

The promotion conference was promoted by Mr. He Feng, the part-time vice president of the Purchasing Branch of the China International Engineering Consulting Association, the deputy general manager of China Aviation Technology International Engineering Co., Ltd., and Mr. He introduced the concept of the conference, the core services of exhibitors, and professional audiences to the participating units in detail. Organization and a number of rich and colorful forum activities.

In the promotion, Mr. He said, "Gathering domestic and foreign infrastructure investment and construction project procurement and docking superior resources, creating a business platform that showcases corporate strength, marketing and promotion of brands, and insight into industry trends, and launches the promotion of new products, exchanges of new technologies, and expansion of new channels. "Professional Window" is the purpose of the procurement conference.

At present, foreign project construction is basically operated in the form of general contracting. In recent years, especially since the "Administrative Measures for General Contracting of Housing Construction and Municipal Infrastructure Projects" was officially implemented on March 1 this year, local governments have successively issued general contracting. The policy of contract implementation and the vigorous implementation of general contracting methods have brought new opportunities for the docking of general contracting project procurement. This is also the idea of the exhibition organizer to organize core professional audiences.

The professional audience organization of the conference will be open to more than 6,000 special-grade and first-level qualification construction companies across the country, and more than 60,000 companies with general contracting construction business are invited to use big data to target the invitation; rely on the resources of the partners to jointly organize the city recruitment conference , Invite the top 100 real estate development companies in the new real estate business to participate, invite 50 local governments and urban investment companies to participate; Extensively utilize the resources of more than 300 partners and support co-organizers, expand exhibition promotion through multiple channels, and attract more professionals Audience attention and participation; concentrated publicity through hundreds of cooperative media, expand the visibility, influence, and reputation of the exhibition, and lock in more professional audiences to watch the exhibition.

For exhibitors, the organizer has launched more than 20 exclusive procurement matchmaking meetings, according to housing construction, transportation, electric power, railway, metallurgy, industry, petroleum and petrochemical, light industry, machinery, installation, decoration, international investment and financing, international institutions, new real estate , Urban investment promotion is organized by categories. The organizing committee has invited more than 300 construction group units to participate in the group. China State Construction System, China Railway System, China Energy and Power Construction System and other domestic construction industry system units actively participate in the matchmaking meeting. The organizer implements the original intention of the service centered on the procurement of general contracting projects. It is different from other industry exhibitions and highlights the characteristics of procurement docking. Starting from key points, it directly and clearly helps suppliers to effectively expand sales channels and master core customer resources. Effectively increase the probability of sales.

The exhibition set up 24 professional forums, divided into industries, majors, and topics, providing a professional communication platform for the general contractor and suppliers from different industries to more accurately promote the cooperation between suppliers and purchasers, and also attract a large number of construction engineering industries. Participation of practitioners and professional audiences.

The exhibition area is divided into: general contracting, architectural design and consulting, building informatization, online procurement platform exhibition area; urban investment and new real estate procurement exhibition area; building materials and decoration materials exhibition area; pipe fittings exhibition area; prefabricated buildings and integrated houses Exhibition area; electric energy equipment material exhibition area; transportation engineering technology and facilities exhibition area; formwork scaffolding and aerial work platform exhibition area; elevator exhibition area; engineering logistics service exhibition area; engineering construction machinery and equipment exhibition area; Spain exhibition area; comprehensive exhibition area including 11 exhibition areas and the 100th anniversary of the founding of the party Project construction achievement exhibition area.

Finally, President He, on behalf of nearly 200 exhibition support co-organizers and also engineering general contracting procurement units, issued an initiative to participate in the core procurement docking link of the conference, and jointly organize the exhibition to be held at the end of the year to help the development of construction industrialization. .

The units participating in and attending the on-site recommendation meeting included nearly 200 construction companies such as China State Construction System, China Railway System, China Energy Construction System, and China Power Construction System, and nearly 100 such as Jingdong Industrial Products, Xinfangsheng, Guangdong Liansu, and Kuaiyi Elevator. Supplier enterprise.

It is reported that the 3rd Beijing International Engineering Procurement Conference and Exhibition will be held at the Beijing International Exhibition Center (new hall) from November 25-27, 2021. More than 300 construction industry chain companies will participate, and it is expected to attract construction procurement professional visitors 3 Ten thousand visitors, this year's largest engineering procurement industry chain exhibition.Editor/Xing Wentao


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