Guan Gaiyu appeared at the meeting of the Central Propaganda Department!

Seetao 2021.06.16
  • Guan Gaiyu is the only female flaw detector in the Laying Branch of China Railway 17th Bureau Group, and won the national

Female Model Guan Gaiyu Appears at the Meeting of Chinese and Foreign Journalists from the Central Propaganda Department

On the afternoon of June 15, 2021, the Propaganda Department of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China held a meeting with Chinese and foreign reporters on the "New Journey of Women's Fighting with the Party". As one of the five female party member representatives of China Railway Seventeenth Bureau Group, Guan Gaiyu shared the story of establishing a foothold as a grass-roots builder, playing a role model of party members, and making contributions to the motherland. He showed the wholehearted dedication of Tiejian people to Chinese and foreign media reporters. The party, with ordinary achievements, has played an important role in the great cause of building socialism with Chinese characteristics.

At the press conference, more than 10 media, including CCTV News, Southern Metropolis Daily, China Women's Daily, and Hong Kong Economic Herald, rushed to ask questions.

"In the complex and systematic project of high-speed rail construction, I am engaged in rail flaw detection. I walk on the extension line of the rail every day, squat, inspect, stand, and then go to the next welding point, repeating the same actions every day. This Although this work is ordinary or even inconspicuous, it is related to the safety of train operation and the lives of passengers." Guan Gaiyu showed reporters the moving stories of the growth and struggle of ordinary workers in China Railway Construction from many aspects. Simple feelings of love and dedication.

Guan Gaiyu answered questions from reporters

A hundred years of journey, a hundred years of glory. Guan Gaiyu also shared the mental journey deeply inspired and nourished by the spirit of the railway soldiers, and revisited the original intention of joining the party. "The China Railway Construction where I work, its predecessor is the Chinese People's Liberation Army Railway Corps. When I first joined the job and visited the Honor History Museum, I saw that the ancestors of the railway soldiers were in the Liberation War and the Korean War, in order to build a line that could not be broken or bombed. With the efforts and sacrifices made by the continuous steel transportation line, I made up my mind to continue the spirit of the predecessors and use high-quality projects to dedicate the motherland and the people." Guan Gaiyu’s sincere story of personal experience, deeds and insights in his work, Deeply infected the on-site media reporters.

"It is hard to'see a doctor' for the endless rails. The working environment and conditions can be imagined. How do you persevere as a young girl?" When asked by reporters, Guan Gaiyu said: "The construction of the front line is long-term. In fieldwork, we will face both physical and psychological tests, but I firmly believe that as long as we work hard, women can stand up to half the sky and make achievements."

"Guan Gaiyu, with the pride and hard work of'women do not let the eyebrows', rides the wind and waves, and keeps going forward, let us see how the'goddess of flaw detection' is made." said Shou Xiaoli, deputy director of the Foreign Information Bureau and spokesperson of the Central Propaganda Department. .

After the meeting, Guan Gaiyu also accepted an exclusive interview with China Women's Daily.

Guan Gaiyu is interviewed by China Women's Daily

Story extension

Guan Gaiyu is the only female flaw detection worker of China Railway 17th Bureau Group Laying Branch. She has won many honors such as the national "May 1st" female model, the national March 8th red flag bearer, and the national March 8th red flag bearer. Since joining the work in July 2009, he has successively participated in the construction of 8 national key projects, including the Hainan East Ring Road, Beijing-Shanghai High-speed Railway, and Tianjin-Qinhuangdao Passenger Dedicated Railway. He has walked more than 1,700 kilometers on the line, and walked at least 16 kilometers on average every working day.

Due to the particularity of her work, she carries a dozen kilograms of instruments on her back every day to inspect the welding heads one by one along the railway line. As the only lesbian on the construction site, the arduous working conditions in the field and the difficulties that need to be overcome are unimaginable for ordinary people. However, she has overcome the physical and psychological tests and has always adhered to the front line. She delved into flaw detection technology, improved working methods, and trained a pair of "hot eyes". More than 8,000 welding heads tested by her, with an accuracy rate of more than 95%, were called "Goddess Detector"; she actively applied for high-speed rail flaw detection technology. The forefront advances, leading the establishment of the first domestic high-speed rail construction research group consisting of three different types of work, welding, grinding and flaw detection, and the main author of the "Flaw Detection and Damage Formation Mechanism and Control Method", and the results have been widely promoted and applied. (For reprinting, please specify see See Taowang Engineering Column Editor/Wang Xia