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Thailand's three major airports high-speed rail start preparation project

Seetao 2021-06-24 15:25
  • The three major airports and high-speed rail will promote regional development and promote the further improvement of tourism
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As the second largest economy in Southeast Asia, Thailand has a huge tourism industry. The construction of transportation infrastructure including railways, highways, airports and ports will reduce the pressure on the country's transportation by foreign tourists. According to a report on June 21, the Office of the Policy Committee of the Eastern Thailand Economic Development Zone revealed that the construction of the high-speed rail project connecting Bangkok’s Don Mueang Airport, Suvarnabhumi Airport, and Rayong Utapao Airport will be undertaken by the CP Group’s partner, and the pre-engineering has been initiated. , Preliminary preparations for the official start of the project in October, including the construction of the command and management office at the construction site, the labor dormitory camp, the concrete casting manufacturing plant, and the temporary roads and bridges that bypass the construction area.

The railway bureau has delivered 86% of the construction land to the contractor, covering an area of 5521 rai, with a total length of 170 kilometers. The delivery of all construction land will be completed in September as planned. The railway bureau is scheduled to deliver the existing facilities of Bangkok Airport MRT to Chia Tai Group on October 24, 2021. After Chia Tai Group receives the Airport MRT, it will invest funds to adjust the operation of the Airport MRT, including the addition of carriages and transportation in the short term. More travelers.

As an important transportation infrastructure construction project to enhance the development of tourism in Thailand, the high-speed rail is about 220 kilometers long. After completion, the three major airports can be seamlessly connected. The total investment of the high-speed railway project connecting the three airports is 257.4 billion baht, of which 157.8 billion baht was invested by the government and nearly 100 billion baht has been invested by private enterprises. It is scheduled to open to traffic in 2025. Editor/Xu Shengpeng