Cover article 《The ninth issue of 2019》

The world is a stage. All coquettish dance kings stand in the center of the stage. Nicholas Zhao Si is willing to bow down in front of them. The most enjoyable dance is the golden lion king Trump, the earthy taste of St. Modi, and the slow shaking. Don’t tell the sadness of Trump, India is your poetry and the distance


"Construction Machinery Weekly" magazine

The idea of running the journal: wisdom is far-reaching

Magazine positioning: to establish high-end, committed to the development of China is equipment industry.

Target audience: middle and high-level decision makers and industry users in China is construction machinery industry (road, railway, municipal, water conservancy, airport, etc.), as well as relevant industry associations and experts from high-tech research institutes.

Advantages of this journal: It has strong thematic planning ability and execution service ability, readers like the content of our journal, and it has a high circulation rate.

Monthly circulation of the magazine: 32,400 copies (5,000 copies will be distributed on-site during the exhibition)

Issue cycle: monthly

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