The 2nd International Production Capacity Cooperation Forum will be held soon

Seetao 2021.07.21
  • The second International Capacity Forum was held, which will promote the rapid development of the entire industry chain

On the afternoon of July 2, 2021, Deputy Director Yang Guang of the Silk Road International Capacity Cooperation Center (hereinafter referred to as the Silk Road Center), Liu Tianshu, Director of the Brand Promotion Department, Project Director Li Fengrui, Brand Promotion Director Meng Jie, and consulting researcher Xi Yuepeng visited China Construction Machinery Industry Association (hereinafter referred to as the Association) was warmly received by Wu Peiguo, Secretary-General of the Association, and Lu Ying, Deputy Secretary-General of the Association.

First of all, the two parties reviewed the first "International Capacity Cooperation Overseas Contracting Engineering and Machinery Cooperation Forum and Silk Road Center Leading Talents Enter BICES" event (hereinafter referred to as the forum) jointly held by the Association and Silk Road Center during the BICES 2019 exhibition in 2019. More than 200 guests attended the forum, the leaders of the international business of Silk Road leading enterprises, the main leaders of overseas contracting construction units, and the representatives of leading export enterprises in the construction machinery industry gathered to discuss the problems and problems encountered in the construction machinery assistance and service engineering contracting of the Belt and Road Initiative. Lively discussions and exchanges were held on topics such as cooperation prospects. The forum closely links the upstream and downstream enterprises of the Belt and Road Initiative, and builds a platform to give everyone the opportunity to express their ideas, face problems, discuss cooperation and win-win plans, and achieve a group to go to the sea. The planned three-hour forum lasted until the exhibition hall was closed, and everyone was still enthusiastic about it. The response was extremely enthusiastic. The whole event was a huge success and received attention and reports from many mainstream media.

In order to further promote and deepen the collaboration and intercommunication between supply and demand in the Belt and Road construction project, the association and the Silk Road Center have agreed to continue to hold the second forum at this BICES 2021 exhibition. After discussion, the two parties have decided that the second forum will be held on the 3rd day of BICES 2021, which is September 16, 2021. In the morning, representatives of domestic and foreign construction companies who participated in the conference visited the booths of some construction machinery companies and watched the wonderful demonstration of the equipment; in the afternoon, the theme forum activities were held. This forum will be comprehensively upgraded from content settings, guest invitations and other aspects. It is planned to enrich the original single-themed speech form into several more interactive links, such as project roadshows, cooperation case sharing, on-site signing, etc. At the same time, the well-received round table dialogue session of the last forum will also be invited and topic settings Increase investment in other areas.

In order for the forum to achieve better results, the organizer will promote the benign, efficient and rapid development of the entire industry chain throughout the overall series of activities, and strive to let everyone experience and integrate into the good atmosphere of interactive exchanges and sincere cooperation between the supply and demand sides. In addition, on the basis of summing up the experience of the last event organization, both parties have made great improvements in material preparation, guest invitations, publicity planning, etc., to expand the audience and scope of influence as much as possible, and strongly invite high-end and targeted Guests attended the meeting and made solid preparations.

In the end, the leaders of both sides expressed that they will continue to work hard, strengthen cooperation, and go all out to do a good job in all kinds of work, and strive to make this event to a higher level; enrich the content of the forum, so that the guests and representatives can get a full harvest! Hope that the majority of enterprises can actively pay attention to participation, and we look forward to your support here!

Ban Yubing, deputy director of the International Cooperation and Exhibition Department of the Association, and Mayao, senior director, attended the meeting.Editor/Baohongying