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Seetao 2021-07-28 09:26
  • Beijing Construction Machinery Exhibition will take the user and audience as the core concept to grasp all the details
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On July 26, 2021, the 50-day countdown to the grand opening of BICES 2021, the BICES 2021 Organizing Committee officially announced the first batch of exhibitors and important events that have already landed, marking the international exhibition in China on September 14-17, 2021 The 16th China (Beijing) International Construction Machinery, Building Materials Machinery and Mining Machinery Exhibition and Technology Exchange Conference, which is the world's highest quality and most influential exhibition and technology exchange meeting held in the new center of the center (Beijing New International Exhibition), all preparations are organized as planned Smooth progress.

Up to now, the number of registered exhibitors covering the entire industrial chain of construction machinery has exceeded 1,000. During the exhibition, 35 major events have been identified (excluding exhibitors’ new product release and exchange activities), an increase of 80% year-on-year. The multi-field and multi-regional user pavilion has basically been established, and the highly anticipated BICES 2021 grand occasion can be expected .

In order to organize the BICES 2021 event and create maximum value for exhibitors, users, and visitors, the association and the organizing committee have initiated organizational preparations since March 10, 2020. In 492 days, they organized and held BICES 2021 theme conferences. , Las Vegas and other overseas publicity activities, tribute to the Chinese Brand Day theme event, the preparatory work is fully launched press conference, the opening countdown one anniversary theme event, the BICES 2021 series of activities, the construction machinery science and technology innovation achievements exhibition area preparation work kick-off meeting , The construction machinery industry exhibition officially enters BICES 2021 business conferences, media forums, 100-day countdown theme events, exhibitors preparation meetings and other activities, and specially organizes users in Beijing, Shandong, Hebei, Henan, and Shaanxi. forum. The leading organizer, China Construction Machinery Industry Association, also actively organizes various branches to organize exhibitors, users and visitors. The various activities led by the association this year have increased by 175% over the previous year. At the same time, the construction machinery rental exhibition area, which was added according to the needs of industry development, has been generally welcomed and concerned by exhibitors and users. The organizers and partners have made meticulous preparations for providing high-quality services during the exhibition. During this period, BICES 2021 related activities and news have been actively promoted, reported and reproduced by authoritative media inside and outside the industry, major companies in the industry, and user units, which have aroused a warm response in the society.

In the next 50 days, the BICES 2021 Organizing Committee will focus on the concept of “focusing on exhibitors, users and visitors” and further strengthen its work in the following aspects.

Through various forms such as special visits to key units, organization of user seminars, and extensive distribution of invitation letters, many new media, and promotion of the association's Chinese and English websites, the intensity of customer invitations has been increased. We strive to invite more than 10,000 owners and users of construction machinery such as large-scale engineering contractors, construction units, leasing companies and engineering companies who can directly invite and be able to come to the exhibition and negotiate, and the total number of visitors to the exhibition will exceed 200,000. At the same time, the organizing committee will prepare detailed reception schedules and arrangements for key customers and partners, so that users, audiences and operators organized by related units will come and return with satisfaction.

Organize and guarantee the various activities of the exhibition with high standards and high quality at multiple levels, and provide excellent services for the audience to watch the exhibition and participate in the activities. During the exhibition, there will be more than 100 high-quality summits, forums and activities. The organizing committee will do a good job of docking and precise arrangements according to the needs of the organizers of each event, and provide support and guarantee for each organization unit, so that everyone participating in each event will have a satisfactory harvest. The audience and users of construction machinery should be able to timely and accurately understand the preparations of each exhibitor, including the specific location of the exhibitors, details of the exhibits, event organization, time arrangement, and communication intentions. It is necessary for the audience and construction machinery users to timely and accurately understand the distribution, themes, and highlights of the exhibition’s featured exhibition areas, as well as the detailed arrangements for meetings, forums, evaluations and on-site interactive experience activities during the exhibition, including the content, time, location, The guest situation and so on.

Carefully organize the special exhibition area of BICES 2021, "Forge ahead in a new era, create new brilliance, and the exhibition of scientific and technological innovation achievements in construction machinery". Fully present the outstanding achievements of the whole industry in the field of scientific and technological innovation since the 18th National Congress of the Communist Party of China, reproduce and fully demonstrate the excellent performance and innovation achievements of related enterprises in the whole industry, and show and select outstanding figures in the field of scientific and technological innovation in the industry. Advanced products, outstanding companies, typical events and key projects, review and display the technologies, products and services that were first launched in the world and nationwide by exhibitors at previous BICES exhibitions. Through the display of scientific and technological achievements, visitors will fully appreciate the demeanor of the heavy equipment of the country and the strength of China's manufacturing.

Further intensify publicity and promotion at home and abroad, and expand BICES 2021 in all walks of life and international influence. The Association and the BICES Organizing Committee will actively cooperate with exhibitors and users, and work with relevant central, local and industry media through TV stations, radio, magazines, websites, WeChat, Weibo, SMS, Facebook news (Facebook), news emails, especially It is a variety of formats such as Douyin and Kuaishou video. It releases BICES 2021 exhibition news to all key regions in China and key overseas countries and regions such as Europe, America, Russia, the Middle East, Southeast Asia, East Asia, and Africa in a comprehensive, multi-angle, and multi-language manner. News, interviews and reports of exhibitors, advance announcements of exhibited products, real feelings of users and audiences, and cultural features of the capital Beijing, etc., and the BICES 2021VR viewing platform will be launched, and strive to achieve BICES pre-, during and post-show publicity reports Both are fruitful. At the same time, strengthen communication and contact with exhibitors and news media to ensure that exhibitors achieve their exhibition goals and provide timely and accurate news reports.

Together with all partners, we will do our best to do a good job in epidemic prevention, safety, fire protection, exhibit transportation, customs clearance, insurance, indoor and outdoor home and construction, login, catering, sanitation, conferences and other exhibition operations and services to ensure that all exhibitors Rest assured and satisfied.

Beijing BICES 2021 will be grandly opened in 50 days. The BICES 2021 organizing committee team will closely follow the details of each link and wholeheartedly provide exhibitors and visitors with the best quality service. We look forward to gathering with friends in Beijing BICES 2021 . Let us greet this year's world's highest quality construction machinery industry event grandly held in Beijing, China!Editor/Baohongying