The new energy market continues to heat up, and developers have begun to deploy


With the blessing of the dual-carbon track, it brings more space and opportunities to the new energy market

August infrastructure investment released a rebound signal


It is expected that the special debt quota for post-installation in 2021 will be completed within the year

How to reduce carbon costs at a lower cost under dual carbon?


The carbon trading system is one of the most effective tools to achieve carbon emission reduction at low cost

How digital technology will affect oil and gas decarbonization goals


Digital technology is playing an important role in more and more fields and will become one of the main tools in decarbonization

As climate talks approach, Asia has pressure to cancel new coal projects


Since the signing of the Paris Agreement in 2015, the global proposed coal power installed capacity has dropped by 76%

Is decentralized wind power hot like distributed photovoltaics?


Decentralized wind power is small in scale and high in cost, and needs to be further improved in terms of operating economy