Worth about 20 billion! A large gold deposit was discovered in Shandong


This mine is the largest gold deposit discovered in Weihai area, and it is the largest gold deposit discovered in China this year

After a difficult break the Simandou Iron Mine in Guinea officially resumed work


The average ore grade of Simandou iron ore reaches 65.5%, and the resource volume is estimated to exceed 2 billion tons

Guinea's Simandou Iron Ore Project Negotiations Take a Key Step


Simandou iron ore is the undeveloped iron ore with the largest proven reserves in the world

China Railway 14th Bureau newly signed Mirador Copper Mine in Ecuador


The winning bid is the secondary repair project of the Zamora Bridge in Ecuador after the earthquake

Zangge Mining Share Fund plans to buy mines with 4 billion yuan


Zangge Mining Investment used its own monetary funds of 2.5 billion yuan to subscribe for the partnership shares of Zangqing Fund

On April 21-23, the 2023 China Mineral Processing Conference was held in Beijing


The theme of this conference is Green Intelligence Shared Innovation