Four Focuses of Construction Machinery Industry in 2023


At present, China has become one of the countries with the most complete product categories and varieties

Visit China Energy Construction's world's top seawater desalination project


The UAE seawater desalination project is one of the largest overseas seawater desalination projects undertaken by a Chinese company

Zhao Lei: Enterprises along the Belt and Road should go out, go in and go up


In Zhao Lei's view, the main body of the Belt and Road Initiative is the enterprise, and the enterprise must go out, go in, and go up

Will the energy pattern in Central Asia change?


Uzbekistan and Kazakhstan nod one after another, marking that the three-party natural gas alliance has begun to take shape

The China-Central Asia-West Asia Economic Corridor has achieved results


Products in Central Asia are continuously transported to the Sino-Kazakh logistics cooperation base and exported to the world

The energy crisis will become a turning point in the energy transition


The European Union will increase investment by 210 billion euros in 5 years to support the accelerated development of green energy