The key role of Russia-China cooperation in the development of Eurasia


Russia and China, as important partners in the region, have been actively promoting the implementation of international initiatives

Entering the CIIE: Why do foreign businessmen choose to go to the CIIE?


Through the platform of the CIIE, we not only broadened the market, but also gained more business and development opportunities.

The the Belt and Road helps South America and Asia Pacific cooperation


The the Belt and Road Initiative has played a positive role in promoting the development of Chile's digital economy

Tuk Tuk in Alexandria, a perfect fusion of Europe and the Belt and Road


Due to the large urban area of Alexandria, the development of public transportation is relatively lagging behind

One Belt, One Road accelerates infrastructure construction in Latin America


The Belt and Road Initiative is not only of great significance to Argentina, but also helps accelerate Latin American integration.

The United States will meet with leaders of five Central Asian countries


Central Asia has become more active in multilateral exchanges