17:17 2023.12.04

Two departments regulate pumped storage power plants

On December 1, the National Development and Reform Commission, the National Energy Administration issued the "Pumped storage power station development and construction Management Interim measures (draft for comments)" pointed out that the National Energy Administration under the guidance of the National Development and Reform Commission, the development of pumped storage medium and long-term development planning, proposed development goals, main tasks, project layout, construction timing, safeguard measures, etc., to guide the development of pumped storage. The key implementation projects of each five-year planning period proposed in the medium - and long-term development plan are the basic basis for the approval of pumped storage projects in all provinces (autonomous regions and municipalities). Editor/Xu Shengpeng

17:17 2023.12.04

Section right in the new energy base of one million kilowatts

On November 30, the new energy base of Inner Mongolia Energy Department was approved. The project owner is Inner Mongolia Moneng Ke Youzhong Energy Co., LTD., the construction site is located in the territory of Keyouzhong Banner, the construction scale of 1 million kilowatts of wind power, the total investment of 4.5 billion yuan, is planned to be completed and put into operation by the end of 2025, after putting into operation, the annual power generation will reach 2,763 million KWH, saving 853,700 tons of standard coal and reducing 2,331,800 tons of carbon dioxide. Editor/Xu Shengpeng

11:41 2023.12.04

Ningxia Qinglongshan Shared Energy Storage Project Completed

On December 1, 2023, Ningxia Power Investment Qinglongshan Shared Energy Storage Project was successfully connected to the grid. The project is located in Majiatan Town, Lingwu City, Yinchuan City, with a total investment of 290 million yuan. It uses lithium iron phosphate batteries and is equipped with 63 sets of battery compartments and 32 sets of PCS AC/DC conversion integrated compartments. After the project is put into operation, it can provide energy storage capacity support for 1 million kilowatts of new energy grid connection. It can participate in grid peak shaving 250 times a year and consume an average of 50 million kilowatt hours of new energy electricity per year, which is equivalent to the annual electricity consumption of nearly 21000 households. It can reduce carbon dioxide emissions by 43000 tons per year. Editor/Zhao E

11:38 2023.12.04

Guizhou Libo 400MW Wind Power Project Starts

On December 2, 2023, a batch of wind power projects in Libo County held a centralized commencement ceremony in Boyao. The wind power projects that have started construction this time include four wind power projects, including Chaoyang Wind Farm and Layi Wind Farm, with a total capacity of 400MW and an expected investment of 3 billion yuan. The project will start construction in December 2023 and the first unit is planned to be put into operation for power generation in September 2024. Editor/Zhao E

17:22 2023.12.01

Bambas copper mine tailings transportation system construction project

Recently, Sinohydro Peru Co., Ltd. received the "Bambas copper mine tailings transportation system I, II construction project" notice of winning the bid, this project is the third project undertaken by Sinohydro in Bambas copper mine. The project is located in the Apurimac region of southern Peru, with a planned construction period of three years. The main engineering content is the pipeline installation of the tailings transportation system of the flotation plant in the mining area, the construction of electrical and instrumentation projects, the construction of emergency pools and other civil works. After the completion of the project, it will effectively save local resources, enhance the safety of the mining area and improve the environment of the mining area, which has far-reaching significance for the sustainable development of the local mining industry. Editor/Xu Shengpeng

17:21 2023.12.01

Dongfang Wind Bakemu 1000MW wind power project started

On November 29, the groundbreaking ceremony of Dongfang Wind Power Mu Lei 1 million kW wind power project was held in Xinjiang Mu Lei Kazakh Autonomous County. Li Xiangdong, member of the Party Group of Changji People's Congress and deputy director of Changji Prefecture, announced the start of construction. Guests from Dongfang Electric Group, Dongfang Wind Power and Mu Lei County attended the groundbreaking ceremony. The project is an important measure for Dongfang Wind Power to thoroughly implement the important speech and important instructions of the General Secretary on Xinjiang work, implement the major strategic decision of the national "carbon peak, carbon neutrality", and fully implement the Group's "11256" development strategy, the new development strategy of Dongfang Wind Power "1246" and the new industrial development pattern of "one nuclear and three wings". Dongfang Wind Power Mu Lei 1 million kilowatt wind power project is located in Dashi Township, Mu Lei County, Changji Prefecture, Xinjiang, the total installed capacity of the project is 1 million kilowatts, the design and installation of 121 typhoon power units, is the largest single million kilowatt mountain wind farm in China. Editor/Xu Shengpeng

15:27 2023.12.01

Approval for construction of two expressway projects in Hunan

On November 29, 2023, the Hunan Provincial Development and Reform Commission officially approved the feasibility study report for the Chating Changsha Ring Expressway and Liuyang Jiangbei Expressway projects, marking substantial progress in the preliminary work of the two projects. The Chating Interchange to Changsha Ring Expressway is a radial line from Changsha City to the northwest, with a total length of about 23.3 kilometers. The main line is constructed according to the standard of a two-way six lane expressway, with a design speed of 120 km/h and a roadbed width of 34 meters. The estimated total investment of the project is 7.25 billion yuan. The planned route corridor of Liuyang to Jiangbei Expressway is generally in an east-west direction, with a total length of about 26.8 kilometers. The main line is constructed according to the standard of a two-way four lane expressway, with a design speed of 100 km/h and a roadbed width of 26 meters. The estimated total investment of the project is 5.39 billion yuan. Editor/Zhao E

17:31 2023.11.30

Dubai has launched a new metro construction project

Recently, Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice President and Prime Minister of the UAE and Ruler of Dubai, personally announced the official launch of the Dubai Metro Blue Line construction plan. According to this latest disclosure, the Dubai Metro Blue Line, the total length of the line design is 30 kilometers, connecting Dubai's operating metro lines in the Red and Green lines, extending to the southeast inland areas of Dubai that are not yet covered by the metro line. The project is planned to have 14 stations, including three interchange stations: Dubai's The Creek, Centrepoint and International City 1. Among them, the International City underground station, with a planned area of 44,000 square meters, will become the largest underground station in Dubai Metro. According to the project design, nearly half of the line is an underground tunnel, the underground excavation depth of up to 70 meters, mainly covering the Mirdif area (Mirdif), International City (International City), Dubai Silicon Valley (DSO), Dubai Academic City (Academic City) and other areas. At the same time, this is the first time that the Dubai Metro crosses the Dubai Creek, and the length of the bridge across the river is 1.3 kilometers. The total investment in the Blue Line project is about AED 18 billion, or about US $5 billion. Editor/Xu Shengpeng

17:30 2023.11.30

Myeongyang wins 80MW offshore wind power in South Korea

On November 28, South Korea Woori Technology Company officially announced that its 100% holding subsidiary Aphae(Yanhai) offshore wind power project signed a wind power host equipment procurement contract with South Korea's domestic wind power machine enterprise Unison and China's wind power machine enterprise Mingyang Intelligent. Aphae offshore wind farm construction project will be further accelerated. The project is located in Galongri, Ahaei County, South Jeolla Province, South Korea, about 10 km northwest of Mokpo city and about 30 km from the "Cheon-sa" wind power project in the Ja-eon Myeon area. According to the contract, 13 6.5MW capacity wind turbines will be delivered in the third and fourth quarters of 2026, and the batch of units will be produced by local company Unison in cooperation with Myeongyang Intelligent, and will be located in Sacheon(Sacheon) plant in South Gyeongsang Province in southeast Korea. The 6.5MW wind turbine that will be installed in the Aphae offshore wind power project in the future is one of the flagship products of Mingyang Intelligent, which has been installed and operated around 4560 units worldwide. The advantage of this unit is that it is well suited to achieve the highest power generation efficiency under low wind speed conditions such as South Korea. Editor/Xu Shengpeng

16:46 2023.11.30

Construction of Houchang Wind Farm in Puding County, Guizhou Province

Recently, the construction general contracting project of the National Energy Group's Houchang Wind Farm in Puding County, Guizhou, undertaken by Shanxi Construction Investment and Installation Group, has officially begun. This project is a multi energy complementary carbon neutrality project for wind, solar, and thermal energy storage in Puding County, Anshun City, Guizhou Province. It is located in Houchang Township, Puding County, with a planned total installed capacity of 85MW. It is planned to install 17 wind turbines with a single unit capacity of 5MW and build a new 110kV booster station. In addition, the company recently won the EPC general contracting project for the 170MW photovoltaic power generation project in Zezhou, Guangdong. The company stated that the successful winning of the project further strengthens the core competitiveness of the group in the field of new energy, and adds new momentum to the group's transformation and development. Editor/Zhao E

11:16 2023.11.30

Jiangxi Ganxian Pumped Storage Power Station is about to start construction

The feasibility study report review meeting for Gan County pumped storage power station was held in Ganzhou City, Jiangxi Province from November 26 to 28, 2023. The meeting believed that the report met the requirements for survey and design work content and depth in the feasibility study stage, and basically agreed to pass the review. The installed capacity of the pumped storage power station in Gan County, Jiangxi Province is 1200MW (4 × 300MW, the development task is to undertake peak shaving, valley filling, energy storage, frequency regulation, phase modulation, and emergency backup for Jiangxi power grid. The hub building of the power station mainly consists of an upper reservoir, a lower reservoir, a water conveyance system, an underground power plant, and a ground 500kV switchgear. The normal storage level of the upper reservoir is 674m, the dead water level is 640.0m, and the regulated storage capacity is 8.34 million m3; The normal storage level of the lower reservoir is 235m, the dead water level is 210.00m, and the regulated storage capacity is 8.41 million m3. The underground power plant adopts a central layout plan, and the water intake and tailwater systems are both arranged in two tunnels and four machines. The 500kV switchgear is equipped with GIS rooms, relay protection buildings, and outgoing lines. The 500kV high-voltage cable adopts a combination of inclined shaft and adit for outgoing lines. It crosses the tail gate through a short inclined shaft from the main transformer tunnel and enters the GIS room of the switch station through the outgoing adit. Editor/Zhao E

17:13 2023.11.29

Zhongneng 4.8GW heterojunction battery and 4.8GW module project signed

On November 23, Suxitong Park Investment environment Exposition was successfully held in Shanghai, of which, the total investment of 5 billion yuan heterojunction photovoltaic cells and modules project signed to settle in the park, the project is mainly engaged in the research and sales of heterojunction photovoltaic cells and modules, will build a capacity of 4.8GW heterojunction photovoltaic cells and 4.8GW heterojunction photovoltaic modules. Founded in 2021, Zhongneng Optoelectronics Technology is a company focused on heterojunction (HJT) technology and photovoltaic scenario-based applications. The company's first 210mm mainless heterojunction has obtained the third-party authoritative certification of TuV Rheinland in Germany, and has developed a mainless grid packaging technology route by significantly reducing the amount of silicon, silver and indium raw materials. Editor/Xu Shengpeng

17:13 2023.11.29

Datang Group scenery hydrogen production integrated project started

On November 22, Datang Duolun 150,000 kW wind hydrogen production integration demonstration project, Datang Duolun coal chemical coal self-owned power plant renewable energy alternative project 175,000 kW project officially started in Duolun County, Xilin Gol League. It is understood that Datang Duolun 150,000 kW wind hydrogen integration demonstration project through the "green hydrogen" instead of "gray hydrogen" way to help the coal chemical industry to achieve green low-carbon transformation, after the project is put into operation, the hydrogen capacity of 70.59 million cubic meters, can reduce carbon dioxide emissions 129,300 tons. The project will become an important part of Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region to expand the solar hydrogen storage industry cluster and build a national new energy equipment manufacturing base, especially the research on green hydrogen coupled coal chemical industry can play a positive demonstration role for Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region and Ximeng to carry out large-scale solar hydrogen production, new energy storage technology research, and promote the industrial application of green hydrogen. Editor/Xu Shengpeng

17:13 2023.11.29

China Tianying scenery hydrogen storage ammonia integration project

On November 24, the demonstration project of scenic hydrogen and ammonia storage Integrated Industrial Park in Kezuo Middle Banner of Inner Mongolia (hydrogen and ammonia storage part) was filed and approved. The construction site of the project is Baolongshan Chemical Industry Park, Kezuo Middle Banner Industrial Park, Tongliao City, Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region, and the planned construction period is from April 2024 to December 2025. The total investment of this part is about 6.469 billion yuan, to build a new hydrogen storage ammonia station and supporting facilities, a total of 30 sets of hydrogen production units, each unit is equipped with 4 sets of 1000Nm3/h electrolytic cell equipment, supporting 3 sets of synthetic ammonia units, each set of synthetic ammonia design capacity of 160,000 tons. The main buildings are gravity energy storage tower, main transformer switch plant, equipment area, electrolytic water hydrogen production plant, air compressor plant, ammonia synthesis compressor plant, ammonia synthesis framework, hydrogen compression plant, desalted water station, circulating water station, central control building, substation, comprehensive office building and other related supporting facilities. It is reported that the project supporting new energy scale of 1.3 million kilowatts, designed hydrogen production capacity of 50,000 tons/year, with the hydrogen scene as a supporting construction of an annual output of 480,000 tons of synthetic ammonia project. Editor/Xu Shengpeng

17:13 2023.11.29

Namibia Special Economic Zone construction project

Recently, Longjian Road and Bridge Co., LTD. (hereinafter referred to as "Longjian Shares") and Namibia Grandview Investment Co., Ltd. signed the "Namibian Bay of Whales National Special Economic Zone construction project Implementation Contract", the tentative contract total price is 100 million US dollars, including survey, design and construction costs. Project scale: The project covers an area of about 3,000 hectares, the special zone plans to build ten parks, construction period of about 10 years, all the infrastructure, roads, standardized factories, office life and ancillary housing in the park. Implementation contents: survey, design and construction general contract (survey, preliminary design, construction drawing design and later site service of the project; Project construction, defect repair and warranty work during the warranty period of the project). Editor/Xu Shengpeng

16:46 2023.11.29

 هوبى huangmeiyinjiang منطقة الري تمديد المشروع تمت الموافقة عليها 

 في 29 تشرين الثاني / نوفمبر 2023 ، دراسة الجدوى تقرير عن مشروع توسعة جديدة huangmeiyinjiang منطقة الري فى مقاطعة هوبى قد وافقت عليها لجنة التنمية والاصلاح فى مقاطعة هوبى ، مع استثمار ما مجموعه 2.074 مليار يوان .  huangmeiyinjiang منطقة الري في الروافد الوسطى والدنيا من نهر اليانغتسى عادي الأمن الغذائي في المنطقة الصناعية ، jianghan عادي المنطقة الصناعية الأساسية .  مشروع توسعة جديدة huangmeiyinjiang منطقة الري قد أدرجت في " التخطيط الشامل لحوض نهر اليانغتسى ( 2012-2030 ) " ، و " الخطة الخمسية الرابعة عشرة " من مقاطعة هوبى ، و " Jingchu Anlan " تخطيط شبكة المياه الحديثة في مقاطعة هوبى .  تصميم المشروع مساحة الري 56.24 مليون مو ، التي تنطوي على ست قرى وبلدات في مقاطعة Huangmei و longganhu إدارة المنطقة .  محتويات البناء الرئيسية للمشروع تشمل إزالة الطمي ، وبناء 62 العمود الفقري الري والصرف الصحي نظام القناة ، مجموع طول 351.36 كيلومترا ، بناء اثنين من محطات الضخ ، هدم وإعادة بناء اثنين من بوابات المياه ، وإصلاح 483 الري والصرف الصحي نظام القناة ، ودعم بناء مرافق المعلومات ومرافق الإدارة في مناطق الري .  بعد تنفيذ المشروع ، قصيرة لوح الري والصرف والحفاظ على المياه والبنية التحتية في منطقة الري يمكن أن يكون فعالا في تعويض ، وضمان معدل الري يمكن أن تثار ، محصول الحبوب في منطقة الري يمكن أن تكون مستقرة و زيادة ، و إنتاج وتطوير منطقة الري يمكن تعزيزها .  تحرير / تشاو ه 

16:44 2023.11.29

Hubei Huangmei River Diversion Irrigation Area Expansion Project Approved

On November 29, 2023, the feasibility study report for the new construction and expansion project of Huangmei Irrigation Area in Hubei Province was recently approved by the Provincial Development and Reform Commission, with a total investment of 2.074 billion yuan. Huangmei River Diversion Irrigation Area is located in the food security industrial belt in the the Middle and Lower Yangtze Valley Plain Plain and the core area of the Jianghan Plain industrial belt. The new construction and expansion project of the Huangmei River Diversion Irrigation Area has been included in major plans such as the Comprehensive Plan for the Yangtze River Basin (2012-2030), the 14th Five Year Plan for Water Safety Guarantee in Hubei Province, and the Modern Water Network Plan for Jingchu Anlan in Hubei Province. The engineering design irrigation area is 562400 acres, involving six townships in Huangmei County and the Longgan Lake management area. The main construction content of the project includes dredging and protection of 62 backbone irrigation and drainage canal systems, with a total length of 351.36 kilometers, the construction of 2 new pumping stations, the demolition and reconstruction of 2 water diversion gates, the renovation of 483 irrigation and drainage canal system buildings, and the construction of information and management facilities in irrigation areas. After the implementation of the project, it can effectively fill the gaps in the irrigation and drainage infrastructure of the irrigation area, improve the irrigation guarantee rate, stabilize and increase the grain yield of the irrigation area, and promote the development of irrigation area production. Editor/Zhao E

15:19 2023.11.29

Grid connection of Nantong Xingyuan Photovoltaic Power Generation Project

On November 28, 2023, the first phase of the distributed photovoltaic power generation project on the roof of Xingyuan Material Nantong Base was successfully connected to the grid for power generation, with an estimated annual power generation of 11.13 MWp. The total capacity of this project is as high as 20.39MWp, making it the largest photovoltaic power generation unit project in the lithium battery separator industry. The first phase of the project adopts a spontaneous self use and surplus electricity grid connection mode, with an expected annual power generation of over 12 million kilowatt hours, which can be used by 5000 households throughout the year. It saves about 3600 tons of standard coal and reduces carbon emissions by about 12000 tons, helping to achieve the regional "dual carbon" goals. Editor/Zhao E

11:22 2023.11.28

Goldwind Technology's 2GW wind power project approved

On November 25, 2023, the Jinfeng 2 million kilowatt wind power to green hydrogen demonstration project (grid connected) in Xing'an League, Inner Mongolia was approved by the Energy Bureau of the Autonomous Region, and is currently the largest integrated wind power to hydrogen demonstration project in Inner Mongolia. The total planned investment for this project is 13.665 billion yuan, with a planned wind power scale of 2 million kilowatts, an annual hydrogen production capacity of 92200 tons, and supporting facilities of 118 tons of hydrogen storage and 160000 kilowatts/2 hour energy storage. The permanent water source for hydrogen production is the Chalsen Reservoir, and the hydrogen usage scenario is a supporting 561800 ton green methanol demonstration project. This project is currently the world's largest green methanol project, and the green methanol produced is mainly used as zero carbon fuel in the shipping industry. Editor/Zhao E

17:52 2023.11.27

Kangfang Global R&D Center Project Starts in Zhangjiang Town, Shanghai

Recently, Kangfang Global R&D Center started construction and laid the foundation in Zhangjiang Headquarters Park. The research and development center will be constructed by Kangfang Huike, a subsidiary of Kangfang Biotechnology, with a land area of 14454.90 square meters and a total construction area of 66568.86 square meters. The estimated total investment amount is 850 million yuan. Editor/Zhao E

14:39 2023.11.27

Datang Jiangxi Longmu 100MW Wind Power Project Starts

On November 25, 2023, the groundbreaking ceremony for the first and second phases of the 100MW wind farm project of Jiangxi Datang International New Energy was held in Longmu Township. It is understood that the total investment of the project is 756 million yuan, with a total installed capacity of 100 megawatts, and it will be constructed in two phases. The project installs 16 5.6MW wind turbines and 2 limited capacity 5.2MW wind turbines. The annual equivalent full load utilization hours are 2303 hours, and the annual grid power generation is 230378.14MWh. The annual tax payment will reach 23 million yuan, which can save about 1.75 million tons of standard coal and reduce carbon dioxide emissions by 4.12 million tons. Editor/Zhao E

16:36 2023.11.24

Chenlong New Energy 200MW/400MWh Energy Storage Project Commences

On November 21, 2023, Chenlong Group held the groundbreaking ceremony for the "New Energy 200MW/400MWh Centralized Energy Storage Project" in Mudan District, Heze City, Shandong Province. The project covers an area of 60 acres and has a total investment of 850 million yuan. The first phase will be connected to the grid in April 2024. This project is an important measure for Chenlong Group to implement the new energy industry layout, promote the innovation driven development strategy, and achieve the mission of becoming a low-carbon city and a supporter of new energy smart grids. It lays a solid foundation for continuously improving the group's comprehensive competitiveness and achieving high-quality development. After the operation of this project, it can further enhance the flexibility of the power system in Heze area, effectively participate in peak shaving and frequency regulation of the local power grid, promote the supply-demand balance of local electricity, and contribute to improving the new energy consumption capacity of the local power grid and the safe and stable operation of the power grid. Editor/Zhao E

14:46 2023.11.23

Ordos Lei Tian Shared Energy Storage Power Station Project Signed

On November 22, 2023, the Management Committee of Ordos High tech Industrial Development Zone, the People's Government of Dongsheng District, and Leitian Winston Energy Technology Co., Ltd. successfully signed an investment cooperation agreement for the Ordos Leitian Shared Energy Storage Power Station and Water Soluble Lithium Sulfur Power Battery New Energy Industrial Park project. The company plans to invest and finance approximately 28 billion yuan in the high-tech zone, with a land area of 1580 acres, to build the Leitian Winston Ordos New Energy Industrial Park as the company's regional headquarters in Inner Mongolia. Within the industrial park, the "Lei Tian New Energy Research Institute" and "Lei Tian Lithium Power Battery Global R&D Center" will be built, with a total scale of 41.6GWh of new energy storage projects, shared energy storage power stations, and new energy projects. Editor/Zhao E

14:38 2023.11.23

Guizhou Energy Storage Project Environmental Impact Assessment Publicity

Recently, the Department of Ecology and Environment of Guizhou Province released the approval opinions on the environmental impact assessment form for the independent shared energy storage power station of Luodian Wujiang Hydropower Station with a capacity of 200MW/400MWh. The Luowujiang Hydroelectric 200MW/400MWh independent shared energy storage power station is located in the Industrial Park of Bianyang Town, Luodian County, Guizhou Province. It is constructed by Luodian Wujiang Hydroelectric New Energy Co., Ltd. with a total investment of 895 million yuan. The construction content of the project's energy storage power station includes energy storage units and booster stations. Among them, the energy storage unit has a project capacity of 200MW/400MWh and uses iron phosphate batteries. It is equipped with 60 sets of 3.35MW/6.7MWh energy storage battery systems, and every 7-8 sets of battery systems form a collection line hand in hand. This project uses a total of 8 35kV collection lines to connect to the 35kV section and the 220kV booster station. The energy storage unit is arranged outdoors in a prefabricated compartment type. Editor/Zhao E

16:58 2023.11.21

Construction of Sinopec's first hydrogen refueling station in Hong Kong

On November 20, 2023, the first publicly available hydrogen refueling station in Hong Kong, Sinopec Hong Kong's Aotou Hydrogen refueling station, officially began construction. This is also the first hydrogen refueling station started by Sinopec overseas. After completion, it will become the first comprehensive refueling station in Hong Kong that integrates "oil, gas, hydrogen, electricity, and services". The daily hydrogen refueling capacity reaches 1000 kilograms, providing 24-hour hydrogen refueling services for public buses, food and environmental vehicles, private cars, and other vehicles, opening a new chapter in the development of Hong Kong's green energy industry. Editor/Zhao E

16:32 2023.11.21

Gansu Baiyin Intelligent Manufacturing Base Project Commences

On November 20, 2023, Yuneng Technology Holdings' subsidiary, Lingchu Yuneng Northwest Intelligent Manufacturing Base Project, began construction in Baiyin City, Gansu Province. The project is planned to be implemented in two phases, covering an area of 200 acres and a total construction area of approximately 86000 square meters. We mainly produce energy storage converters, battery management systems, energy storage battery packs, and integrated energy storage cabinets. We also build energy storage laboratories, energy storage demonstration projects, and scientific research demonstration projects. The project is planned to be fully completed and put into operation by the end of 2026. After completion, Baiyin District will form a full energy storage industry chain led by the integration of energy storage systems, achieving an annual output value of 5 billion yuan and solving more than 500 employment problems. This will inject new momentum into the development of Baiyin's clean energy industry, promote its economic and social development, and ensure local energy security. Editor/Zhao E

17:33 2023.11.20

Inner Mongolia Photovoltaic Rolling Glass Production Line Project Commences

Recently, the photovoltaic rolling glass production line and supporting deep processing project of Inner Mongolia Yujing Technology Co., Ltd. have successfully started construction. The second phase of the high-quality special glass and deep processing project of Inner Mongolia Yujing Technology Co., Ltd. has a total investment of 2.6 billion yuan and plans to cover an area of 1000 acres. The main construction will be two 1200t/d photovoltaic rolled glass production lines and supporting deep processing production lines. After the completion of the project, it will fully utilize the rich quartz sand and non coal resources in the local area, relying on the high-quality special and deep processing phase I project of Yujing that has already been put into operation, as well as the supporting 1.35 million tons of ultra white photovoltaic glass quartz sand project, to carry out research and development and production of photovoltaic panel glass and inorganic non-metallic materials. After production, it can achieve an annual production of 14.4 million weight boxes of ultra white photovoltaic panels and high-quality special deep processed glass, with an annual production value of 3.8 billion yuan and an annual profit and tax of 400 million yuan. As upstream enterprises in the photovoltaic industry chain, we will better drive the development of the photovoltaic industry and bring greater impetus to the development of new energy in Inner Mongolia.

17:30 2023.11.20

100MW Wind Power Project in Seni District, Naqu City, Xizang Started

Recently, the commencement ceremony of Dagap 100MW wind power project in Seni District, Naqu City, Xizang Autonomous Region, contracted by CNNC Huaxing, was held in Naqu City. Promote rural revitalization and socio-economic development. Editor/Zhao E

17:57 2023.11.17

Shandong Jinan Urban Village Renovation Project Commences

Recently, the first key project for the transformation of urban villages in the starting area of Jinan's new and old kinetic energy conversion began construction. The project is located in the southern area of Cuizhai in the starting area, including 8 urban village renovation projects such as Chujia Village and Cuizhai Village in Cuizhai Street, involving more than 3000 households. The total investment of the project is about 9.1 billion yuan, and it is planned to be completed by 2025. Editor/Zhao E

17:39 2023.11.17

Wuhan New City Science and Technology Innovation Financial Project Commences

On November 17, 2023, the first phase of the Wuhan New City Science and Technology Innovation Financial Headquarters project officially began. As one of the top ten key projects along the central axis of Wuhan New City, this project is positioned as a benchmark for China's science and technology innovation financial center. It will form a "science and technology+finance" ecosystem with financial headquarters office and investor building as the core, and the financial technology exhibition hall gathering. The headquarters of Hancheng Science and Technology Innovation Finance is located on the west side of the north-south mountain and water axis of Wuhan New City, in the core area of the central area of Wuhan New City, with a total construction area of approximately 179400 square meters. At present, the Financial Technology Service Center, Investor Building, and its affiliated buildings on the southwest side of the plot are the first areas to be opened, with a construction area of approximately 90000 square meters. They are implemented by the Urban Investment and Operation Company of China Construction Third Bureau, and constructed by the Central South Company of China Construction Third Bureau. Editor/Zhao E