09:59 2023.03.23

Chinese enterprises sign a new Solomon Islands port upgrade project

On March 22, 2023, Mike Kakara, an official of the Solomon Islands Infrastructure Development Department, said that in a project funded by the Asian Development Bank, Solomon Islands had awarded a multi million dollar contract to a Chinese company to upgrade an international port in the capital, Honiara. Kakala said that after winning the bid, China Civil Engineering Group Co., Ltd. won the above-mentioned contract to help the Solomon Islands government upgrade the old international port and two provincial ports in Honiara. The Solomon Islands government stated that the port upgrade project is part of a $170 million road and terminal upgrade project funded by the Asian Development Bank, and China Civil Engineering Group won the bid for road construction in 2022. Editor/Ma Xue

09:28 2023.03.23

Power Construction Municipal Signs Supplementary Agreement for Overseas Projects

A few days ago, Power Construction Municipal Europe and the Polish Water Authority formally signed a supplementary agreement to the main contract of the Polish Viska Flood Control Project. The supplementary contract amount accounted for 12% of the original contract amount. The Viska Flood Control Project in Poland is located on the banks of the Oder River. Construction started on November 18, 2019. Up to now, the project department has received the final inspection missing item list issued by the owner, and will receive the final completion certificate issued by the owner in the near future. During the implementation of the project, the project department actively operated the secondary operation. Through favorable design changes and adjustments, the original contract amount was increased. After being reviewed and approved by the project investor, the World Bank, the company finally signed a Polish Wis Supplementary Agreement to the Main Contract of the Card Flood Control Project. Edit/Ma Xue

09:28 2023.03.23

SINOMACH Signs Iraq Oil Gas Power Plant Project

Recently, a senior delegation from the Iraqi Ministry of Electric Power arrived at the headquarters of SINOMACH for a week-long official visit. During the period, Wang Bo, chairman of the company, met with the high-level delegation, and the two sides conducted in-depth exchanges on promoting the company's business development and deepening cooperation in the Iraqi market. Fang Yanshui, the general manager of the company, witnessed the signing of the "Operation and Maintenance Contract for the 2X630MW Oil-fired Gas Power Plant Project of Iraq Salah al-Din Project". Al-Waleed, general manager of the Northern Power Production Company of the Ministry of Electricity of Iraq, highly praised CMEC's dedication to the Salah al-Din project over the years, expressed admiration for CMEC's strength and achievements in the field of new energy construction, and looked forward to all-round cooperation between the two parties. Edit/Ma Xue

09:26 2023.03.23

فازت CRCC International بالمشروع الطبي الإسباني

في 21 مارس 2023 ، أقيم حفل منح العقد لمشروع إعادة تطوير المبنى المركزي لمستشفى بورت أوف سبين العام في ترينيداد وتوباغو في المقر الرئيسي لصاحب المشروع ، Teto City Development Co.، Ltd. مستشفى بورت أوف سبين العام هو مشروع رئيسي في خطة حكومة توتو لتحسين خدمات الرعاية الصحية. وهو يقع في المنطقة الأساسية الحضرية لبورت أوف سبين ، عاصمة توتو. ومنصة من 3 طوابق . يوجد بالمستشفى 540 سريراً وغرف عمليات وغرف إفاقة ووحدات عناية مركزة. يعتمد المشروع على صيغة عقد البناء. وبعد اكتماله ، ستصبح المؤسسة الطبية الأكثر تقدمًا في Teduo ، وتخدم ما يقرب من 600000 نسمة. ويمكن أن تعزز بشكل أكبر تحسين المستوى الطبي لـ Teduo وتوفر خدمات طبية أفضل وأكثر ملاءمة للسكان المحليين .. تحرير / Ma Xue

09:26 2023.03.23

CRCC International won the Spanish medical project

On March 21, 2023, the contract award ceremony for the central building redevelopment project of the Port of Spain General Hospital in Trinidad and Tobago was held at the headquarters of the project owner, Teto City Development Co., Ltd. Port-of-Spain General Hospital is a key project in the Toto government's plan to improve health care services. It is located in the urban core area of Port-of-Spain, the capital of Toto. and a 3-storey podium. The hospital has 540 beds, operating theaters, recovery rooms and intensive care units. The project adopts the construction contract mode. After completion, it will become the most advanced medical institution in Teduo, serving a population of nearly 600,000. It can further promote the improvement of Teduo's medical level and provide better and more convenient medical services for local people. . Edit/Ma Xue

17:23 2023.03.22

China National Electric Engineering signed a contract with a Russian company

Recently, Mr. Levin Vsevolod Vadimovich, President of Russian Copper Company, was invited to visit China National Electric Engineering Co., Ltd. and conduct business exchanges. Chairman Zhao Hui of the company received the visiting party. Deputy General Manager Li Zhigang and relevant personnel from the second business department accompanied the meeting. Accompanied by Chairman Zhao Hui, President Levin and his party first visited the company's exhibition hall, learned about the company's business situation, and expressed appreciation for the company's achievements and technical strength in the field of power engineering general contracting. After the exchange, the two parties signed a memorandum of cooperation on the self-provided power station project for the Far East copper-gold concentrator, the "photovoltaic + energy storage" clean heating project and the complete set supply project of mining equipment. Edit/Ma Xue

16:50 2023.03.22

The Simandou Iron Mine in Neia officially resumed work

According to the current schedule, the project plans to open the railway and transport ore in 2025. The Simandou Iron Mine is located in Kairouane Province in the southeastern part of Guinea. Simandou's ore deposits are the "revolutionary army" lurking in the global steel industry. The average grade of its iron ore is 65.5%, and its resources are estimated to exceed 2 billion tons. The official social account of the Guinean government disclosed on March 19 local time that a resumption ceremony for the Simandou project was held on March 18. Unlike the previous construction by only one party, after the resumption of work, it will be jointly constructed by multiple participants. This also means that the Simandou project has officially entered into substantive development. Under the condition of full capacity, the Simandou project can export about 120 million tons of iron ore per year. Editor/Xu Shengpeng

16:50 2023.03.22

The demand for nuclear power insalled capacity in the UK will reach 30GW in 2050

A few days ago, Tom Greatrex, chief executive of the British Nuclear Industry Association (NIA), said that to achieve the UK's carbon emission reduction goals, the UK needs 15 GWe of nuclear power installed capacity by 2035, and this value needs to reach 30 GWe by 2050. Currently, the UK aims to be carbon neutral by 2050 and has 24 GWe of installed nuclear power capacity. Nuclear power's share of the UK's electricity mix has long remained around 20%, Greatrex said, but has now fallen to around 13-14%. After the installed capacity of nuclear power increases to 25~30 GWe, this proportion will reach about 25%. Greatrex said that recently, the four AGR units of Hartlepool Nuclear Power Plant (1300 MWe) and Heysham A Nuclear Power Plant (1340 MWe) have received short-term life extensions of about two years. In addition, the Sizewell B nuclear power plant (1250 MWe) is likely to be extended into the 2050s. However, almost all other operating nuclear power plants in the UK will be out of service within five years. Editor/Xu Shengpeng

14:44 2023.03.21

Angola Luanda Science Park Project Commences

Recently, the foundation stone laying ceremony for the Luanda Science and Technology Park project in Angola contracted by Pan China Group was solemnly held. The Science and Technology Park Project (STDP) is an important base for the Science and Technology Development Plan (PDCT) of the Ministry of Higher Education, Science, Technology and Innovation of Angola. It was started on January 31, 2023, with a construction period of 30 months, covering an area of approximately 62800 square meters, and a project budget of 35 million US dollars. The main construction content includes building 9 new buildings, maintaining 11 buildings, demolishing 5 ground buildings, as well as outdoor road construction and repair, landscape greening, installation engineering, and installation of facilities and equipment. The budget is US $100 million, 90% funded by ADB, and 10% supported by the Angolan government. Editor/Ma Xue

16:27 2023.03.20

Syria, Russia are planning 40 investment projects

On March 16, Syrian President Bashar al-Assad said in an interview after meeting with Russian President Putin that Russia and Syria are planning 40 investment projects in the fields of energy, electricity, oil, transportation, housing construction, industry, etc. . He said that the delegation visiting Russia was very large, and that the results of the previous talks were not so rich, and stressed that the new project will also consider the control mechanism. Editor/Xu Shengpeng

16:26 2023.03.20

New Zealand plans to invest NZ$15.7 billion in Lak Onslow energy storage project

The New Zealand government has announced the estimated cost of the Lake Onslow pumped storage scheme and a multi-technology alternative. The Government will move forward with the next phase of the New Zealand Power Storage Project, looking at the feasibility of pumped storage hydropower and alternative multi-technology approaches to create a resilient, affordable, secure and decarbonized energy system in New Zealand. The New Zealand Electricity Storage Project was set up to find a solution to the "dry year problem", when the lakes that feed the hydroelectric plants get low, causing more fossil fuels to be burned to make up for power shortages and often higher electricity bills . New Zealand's Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment said, "This climate change initiative is investigating the ability of pumped hydro storage and alternative technologies to address New Zealand's electricity problems in dry years."Editor/Xu Shengpeng

16:26 2023.03.20

Uzbekistan plans to speed up the construction of Tashkent power system

On March 11, 2023, Ukrainian President Mirziyoyev signed a presidential decree on "Several Measures to Ensure Stable Energy Supply in Tashkent City", requiring the Tashkent Municipal Government and Uzbekistan Regional Power Grid Company and other relevant departments to effectively improve the construction of the capital's power system and provide Preparations have been made to ensure power supply this winter to avoid another energy crisis, and a series of power engineering projects have been approved. Cooperate with Saudi ACWA Power and China Gezhouba Group to build two solar power stations. By the end of 2023, the first phase of a 400 MW solar power plant (100 MW) and the first phase of a 700 MW solar power plant (100 MW) will be completed in the Yukrichik district of Tashkent. Editor/Xu Shengpeng

16:26 2023.03.20

Cameroon to start construction of Limbe port within this year

On March 15, according to Cameroon's official media reports, the Minister of Transport of Cameroon recently mentioned the construction of the country's ports, saying that the second phase of the Kribi port project has begun caisson installation, and the construction of the Limbe port will start within 2023. Limbe Port is located in Limbe City, Southwest Region of Kansas, surrounded by facilities such as the Cameroon National Oil Refinery (Sonara) and the Cameroon Industrial Shipyard. It is estimated that the port has an average draft of 14 meters and can accommodate ships of 40,000 tons. Limbe Port is translated as Lambeh Port or Victoria Harbor, a port located in the West African country of Cameroon. Limbe used to be called "Victoria". The port city in the southwestern part of Cameroon is close to the Gulf of Guinea, about 10 kilometers away from Buea in the northeast, and is connected by roads. There is an island barrier at the mouth of the bay, and the water depth of the pier is 10-12 meters. An important distribution center for agricultural products. Output bananas, rubber, cocoa, coffee, palm kernels, etc. Editor/Xu Shengpeng

16:28 2023.03.17

Philippines approves 194 infrastructure flagship projects

The Philippine National Economic Development Agency recently approved 194 key infrastructure flagship projects, involving an amount of about 9 trillion pesos (about 162 billion U.S. dollars), most of which are irrigation, water supply, and flood control projects, as well as digital connectivity, health, and electricity. , energy, agriculture and other infrastructure projects. New projects on the list include Panay Railway Project, Mindanao Railway Project Phase III, Northern Long-distance Transit Railway, San Mateo Railroad, University of the Philippines-Philippine General Hospital Diliman Hospital Project, Ninoy Aquino International Airport Restoration Project , Ilocos Sur Inter-Basin Water Transfer Project and the Greater Cebu Expressway. The sources of funding for the above projects will consider official development assistance, Philippine national government grants, and public-private partnerships. 54 of these projects will be considered for financing in partnership with the private sector. Editor/Xu Shengpeng

16:28 2023.03.17

These traffic projects in Zhuhai, Guangdong will be completed in 2023

Recently, the Zhuhai Municipal Development and Reform Bureau announced the "Zhuhai 2023 Key Construction Project Plan" (hereinafter referred to as the "Plan"). According to the plan, Zhuhai will arrange a total of 509 key projects in 2023, with a total investment of 770.267 billion yuan, of which The plan is 103.462 billion yuan. Through combing, it is found that there are a total of 39 traffic engineering projects, with a total investment of 124.091 billion yuan, accounting for about 16.1% of all investment; the investment plan for 2023 is 12.017 billion yuan, accounting for about 11.6% of the total investment plan. It is noteworthy that key traffic projects such as the Zhuhai Intercity Hengqin-Zhuhai Airport Section, Xingye Express Line (Northern Section), Hezhou-Gaolan Port Expressway Phase II, Shizimen Tunnel, and Heiheimian Jiangjunshan Tunnel will be completed in 2023. year completed. In addition, new progress has been made in projects such as South-Zhongshan-Zhuhai Intercity (Zhuhai Section), Shenzhen-Zhuhai High-speed Railway (Intercity), Zhudou Intercity, and Zhuhai Central Station (Hezhou). Editor/Xu Shengpeng

16:27 2023.03.17

Guinea's Simandou Iron Ore Project Negotiations Take a Key Step

Recently, the Guinean government signed a shareholder agreement with the Win Alliance and Rio Tinto on the Simandou iron ore project. This is following the conclusion of the framework agreement by the three parties on March 25, 2022, the signing of the joint venture (CTG for short) articles of association on July 27, Another important document after the signing of the infrastructure term list by the four parties (joined by China Baowu) on December 22 marks a key step in the negotiations between Guinea and its partners. The Simandou Iron Mine is located in Kairouane Province in the southeast of Guinea. It is the undeveloped iron ore with the largest reserves and the highest quality in the world. It has an annual production capacity of 120 million tons of high-quality iron ore in the initial stage. However, the development of the Simandou iron mine requires the construction of more than 600 kilometers of railways across the east and west of Guinea, as well as infrastructure such as ports on the west coast. Editor/Xu Shengpeng

10:26 2023.03.16

China Overseas Overseas Wins the Bid for the East Timor Highway Project

Recently, the East Timor Branch of China Overseas South Pacific Co., Ltd. officially received the notice of winning the bid for the East Timor Aileu-Liquidu Highway Project, and the East Timor market has been intensively cultivated and yielded great results. The Aileu-Liquidu Highway in East Timor is located in the mountainous area of Aileu Province in the north of East Timor, with a total length of 27.66 kilometers. It is an important passage connecting Aileu, Liquidu and the capital Dili. After the highway is completed, it will not only improve the travel conditions of residents along the line to the greatest extent, but also inject new impetus into the local economic development. Edit/Ma Xue

10:24 2023.03.16

Energy China Gezhouba Newly Signed Malacca Sea Sand Project

On March 14, 2023, Energy China Gezhouba International Co., Ltd. and Malaysia Nanyang Maritime Silk Road Co., Ltd. signed a contract for the Malacca sea sand mining and transportation project in Malaysia, achieving a new breakthrough in the field of non-electric business in Malaysia. The Malacca Sea Sand Mining and Transportation Project is located in the sea area of Malacca, Malaysia, which is rich in sea sand resources. The main content of the project is sea sand mining, transportation and processing. The construction period is 4 years, and it has a production capacity of 20 million tons/year of sea sand. Malaysia is a key country for China Gezhouba Group's overseas investment and construction. The non-electric business has accumulated more than 4 billion yuan in contracts, covering roads, housing construction, ports and other fields. Edit/Ma Xue

10:39 2023.03.15

DEC signed a new Iraqi power station project

Recently, Dongfang International successfully signed the contract for the general contracting project of Zubair Gas Turbine Single Cycle to Combined Cycle. This project is a key project of the Iraqi government, and it is also the first single-cycle to combined-cycle project under the Ministry of Electricity of Iraq. It plays an important role in improving energy utilization efficiency and ensuring the safety of power supply. At the same time, this project is the first large-scale power project signed by Dongfang Electric in Iraq after 20 years, and it is a major breakthrough for Dongfang Electric to deeply cultivate the Middle East market and strive for high-quality projects. Edit/Ma Xue

10:38 2023.03.15

Poly grew up and signed a contract with the Cambodia Provincial Road Project

Recently, Poly Growth and the Ministry of Public Works and Transport of the Kingdom of Cambodia held a signing ceremony in Phnom Penh, the capital, and officially undertook the construction of the Provincial Highway 377 & 377A road improvement project (KH-MPWT-3-CW-RFB-RCI). The starting point of Provincial Highway 377 is the Kratie Provincial Rotary, leading to Sanbo County. The overall road runs along the Mekong River. Along the route, there are very famous puffer fish tourist attractions and protection areas in Cambodia. Among them, 377A is the connecting line between 377 and National Highway 7. The total contract value of the project is about 178 million yuan, and the construction period is 18 months, involving the upgrading and widening of 48.59 kilometers of original roads, 9 new bridges, mine clearance, slope protection of embankments along the river, box culverts and pipe culverts, and U-shaped edges ditch and Jiaoan ancillary works, etc. Edit/Ma Xue

10:03 2023.03.14

CSCEC Colombia Tapui PV Project started

Recently, the Regional Headquarters of the Central and Southern Institute of China Power Construction Corporation in the Americas received the commencement order (NTP) issued by the owner of the Colombian Tapui PV EPC project, which officially started. The project is located in Radorada City, Caldas Province, in the central region of the Republic of Columbia in South America, 190 kilometers away from the capital Bogota. The installed capacity of the DC side of the project is 108 MW, and the construction period from NTP to technical acceptance is 300 days. It is planned to be put into operation at the beginning of 2024. The scope of work of the project covers the design, supply (excluding components), equipment installation and civil construction of the photovoltaic field. The project is connected to the opposite substation 3.8 km away through the 115 kV booster station newly built by the owner. Editor/Ma Xue

10:00 2023.03.14

United Power signed a wind power cooperation agreement with Egypt

Recently, United Power and the Egyptian government signed a letter of intent for cooperation in the promotion and application of wind power products and technologies. Dong Jian, general manager of United Power Beijing Technology Development Branch, and Mostafa Saadawi, director of the Egyptian Metallurgical Industry Bureau, signed the contract on behalf of both parties. According to the cooperation agreement, the two parties will rely on United Power’s intelligent, highly reliable, and highly adaptable wind turbine platform, aiming at the special environmental characteristics of high temperature, large temperature difference, strong wind and sand, and strong sunshine in Egypt, and make full use of intergovernmental international scientific and technological innovations Cooperate with key special project wind power research results, further develop Egypt's wind energy resources, and jointly create new possibilities for the development of Egypt's new energy field. Edit/Ma Xue

09:59 2023.03.14

China Harbor New Guinea Port Survey Project

Recently, China Harbor Engineering Co., Ltd. received the notification of winning the bid for the Rio Tinto Simandou Port Exploration Project in Guinea, and the owner is Rio Tinto Atlantic Iron Ore Co., Ltd. The project is located in the upper reaches of the Maribaya River estuary in southern Guinea. The main content of the project is land survey of the port, including 100 land drilling SPTs and exploration pits, on-site in-situ tests and related indoor tests. The start date of the project is March 24, 2023, and the construction period is 180 days. The survey results will be used by the owner for subsequent wharf design work. Edit/Ma Xue

15:39 2023.03.13

Hydropower First Bureau signed an overseas transmission line project

On March 13, 2023, the Hydropower Bureau No. 1 Bureau of Ethiopia received good news from the development of the Ethiopian regional market. It formally signed a contract with the Ethiopian National Power Company and successfully won the bid for the Geda Special Economic Development Zone power transmission and transformation project LOT-2: design, procurement and installation of 230kV transmission lines Test and debug the project. The total duration of the project is 16 months. The project is mainly to supply power to Mojo City, the largest dry port in Ethiopia, and the Hydropower Bureau is responsible for all related work such as design, supply, experimentation and commissioning. After the project is completed, it will further improve the reliability and stability of power supply in Mojo City, the largest dry port in Ethiopia, and its surrounding areas, effectively improve the power supply quality of the urban power grid, and promote the economic and social development of the region. It will make the lights of Mojo City brighter, make life in the surrounding areas more convenient, and make the prospects of the Geda Special Economic Development Zone brighter. Edit/Ma Xue

10:41 2023.03.09

Vietnam invests US$5.3 billion in international transit port

With the cargo throughput of various seaports in Ho Chi Minh City expected to reach nearly 60 million tons by 2030, Ho Chi Minh City is trying to speed up the construction of an international transshipment port worth US$5.3 billion in Can Ya. It is estimated that the terminal size of the Canyeh International Transit Port Project is 7.2 kilometers, and the land use demand is about 570 hectares. The port can accommodate the world's largest container ship (24,000 TEUs). The port is expected to be divided into seven phases, one of which will start construction in 2024 and be put into operation in 2027. The final phase will be completed in 2045 and is expected to create an economic breakthrough for Ho Chi Minh City, the southeastern region and even the Vietnamese economy. The project will contribute about 9 trillion VND per year and create jobs for about 7,000 people. Edit/Ma Xue

11:33 2023.03.08

Central Asia needs $20 billion in green energy investment by 2030

A few days ago, the China-Asia Energy Trade and Investment Forum was held in London, UK. According to preliminary estimates published at the Central Asia Energy Trade and Investment Forum in 2023, Central Asia will need $20 billion in investments by 2030 in solar, wind, hydropower and modernization of national and regional power grids to improve trade and connectivity . The aforementioned forum aims to develop more efficient mechanisms for regional electricity trading and identify coordinated actions to improve regional cooperation and activities for the transition to a carbon-neutral economy. The two-day forum discussed ways to attract investors and reduce overall energy costs, emphasizing the need for countries to accelerate reforms to make wider use of renewable energy and improve investor trust in electricity trade. Edit/Ma Xue

17:47 2023.03.06

U.S. Attempt to Stop China, Russia from Getting Closer Faces Failure

China's external pressure is increasing, and Moscow uses the G20 meeting to support Beijing. Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov expressed doubts about the sanity of thinking of those threatening China at a news conference of the ministerial meeting in New Delhi. He said that with regard to the threats issued by China, I doubt whether those threats are of sound thinking. In principle, no one should be threatened, but it is difficult for me to think of threatening China under modern conditions. Of course, our Western counterparts have seriously 'disengaged' from diplomacy. I think they have put diplomacy aside and are just intimidating and threatening. After China released the "Position on the Political Solution to the Ukraine Crisis", the United States and Western allies have intensified their threats to China, saying that once they provide assistance to Russia, they will impose new sanctions. Ukraine didn't stop either. Mikhail Podolak, an adviser to the President's Office, threatened in a TV program that if Russia supplies weapons to Russia, it will have an "aggressive response" to China. Therefore, the statement made by the Russian foreign minister is completely aimed at the absurd remarks made by Ukrainian politicians. Editor/Xing Wentao

17:47 2023.03.06

TenneT awards cable contract for Dutch offshore wind farm to NKT and Prysmian

European transmission system operator TenneT has awarded contracts to NKT and Prysmian Group to provide cable connections for five upcoming Dutch offshore wind farms with a combined capacity of 2GW. Prysmian Group has been awarded contracts worth around 1.8 billion euros for the grid connection of the IJmuiden Ver Alpha and Nederwiek 1 offshore wind farms. The two wind farms have a combined installed capacity of 4GW. The company will connect two offshore wind farms in the Dutch North Sea with the province of Zeeland in the southwest of the Netherlands. Editor/Xing Wentao

17:46 2023.03.06

Govt approves plans to build hydropower projects in Arunachal Pradesh

India has approved plans to build the country's largest hydropower project in the state of Arunachal Pradesh. The $3.9 billion scheme will be built on the Dibang River, a tributary of the Brahmaputra River in the mountainous northeast of the country. When completed in 2028, it will generate up to 2.9GW of electricity through 12 turbines and will also moderate flooding during India's monsoon season. The project was conceived in the early 1980s. In January 2004, approval was given to clear a 54 square kilometer site in the village of Munli in the Lower Dibang Valley. The government subsequently approved $186 million in planning and preparation investments in July 2019. Editor/Xing Wentao

17:46 2023.03.06

International people and overseas Chinese heatedly discuss the two sessions

The two sessions in 2023 will be a new session. International people and overseas Chinese who care about China's development have focused their attention on Beijing, looking forward to listening to China's voice through the window of the two sessions, and looking forward to China's accelerated recovery sharing more development opportunities with the world. Through the WeChat public account and the news client, I can always see the information about China's two sessions in the first place. Benjamin Michael Coles, a British scholar who teaches at the School of Philosophy and Social Development of Huaqiao University, said that the two sessions are like a spring appointment for Chinese people to go together. Every year during the two sessions, the National People's Congress and CPPCC members gather in Beijing to discuss state affairs, which is impressive. This year's two sessions coincide with the transition year, and the five-yearly centralized transition of state institutions and the National Committee of the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference will take place. At the same time, China will determine the GDP growth target and announce various targets and policies for economic and social development in the coming year. Editor/Xing Wentao