11:13 2022.05.20

CREG hard rock roadheader Nanning No. 1 rolls off line in Kunming

On May 19, 2022, the ultra-small turning radius hard rock roadheader Nanning No. 1 jointly developed by CREG, China Southern Power Grid Peak Shaving and Frequency Regulation Power Generation Company, and the 14th Bureau of Hydropower was successfully rolled off the assembly line in Kunming, and will be used for the first pumped storage in Guangxi. Power Station - Construction of artesian drainage tunnel for Nanning Pumped Storage Power Station. Editor/Ma Xue

15:36 2022.05.18

Chinese CRRC meter gauge locomotive delivered to Kenya

A few days ago, the second batch of two meter-gauge locomotives developed by CRRC Qishuyan for Kenya was successfully shipped out. Editor/Ma Xue

15:30 2022.05.18

Changsha's first China-Europe freight train SUNWARD

On the morning of May 17, 2022, the China-Europe train SUNWARD, carrying nearly 500 excavators and skid steers manufactured by SUNWARD, departed from Changsha for Europe. Editor/Ma Xue

16:08 2022.05.13

XCMG over 300 excavators are popular in North America

Recently, more than 300 XCMG customized excavators ranging from 1.5 tons to 49 tons lined up neatly, boarded the giant ship and sailed to North America, one of the most economically developed regions in the world, to help local infrastructure construction. Editor/He Yuting

16:51 2022.05.10

CRCC Binchang Endeavour Mine TBM Offline in Changsha

On the morning of May 9, 2022, the "Binchang Endeavour" mining TBM developed by CRCC for Shaanxi Shaanxi Coal Binchang Mining Co., Ltd. rolled off the assembly line in the CRCC Changsha First Industrial Park, which will help the mining industry increase efficiency and production. Editor/Ma Xue

16:49 2022.05.10

Sany Heavy Energy and China Power signed a strategic cooperation agreement

On May 6, 2022, Gao Ping, President of China Power, and his party visited Sany Heavy Energy, and the two parties signed a strategic cooperation agreement. According to the agreement, the two parties will focus on investment in the wind power energy industry and energy technology innovation as key areas of cooperation. Editor/Ma Xue

18:32 2022.05.09

CREG TBM Shutong rolls off the production line in Sichuan

On May 8, 2022, the off-line ceremony of the first large-diameter TBM "Shutong", the first large-diameter TBM in China built by China Railway Engineering Equipment, was held in Deyang, Sichuan. The equipment will serve the mountain rail transit project from Dujiangyan to Siguniang Mountain. Bauhinia tunnel construction. Editor/Ma Xue

17:06 2022.05.09

Cummins' 2000th QSK95 rolls off the assembly line

The QSK95 has a bore of 190 mm and a stroke of 210 mm. The modular high-pressure common rail fuel system makes the engine have lower noise and less vibration. The advanced design provides more convenience for the maintenance and maintenance of the engine, and the use of new materials makes the engine more durable.Editor/XuNing

10:41 2022.05.09

Zoomlion ZCC16000 batch signing ceremony was successfully held

On the morning of May 6, 2022, representatives of Xinjiang Sunshine Fire Power Engineering Co., Ltd. and Zoomlion Engineering Crane Company gathered in Changsha, and the ZCC16000 batch signing ceremony was grandly held. Zoomlion Engineering Crane Marketing Department signed a procurement contract with Xinjiang Sunshine Fire Power Engineering Co., Ltd. Editor/Ma Xue

10:13 2022.05.07

Sany's first FB99067 wind turbine blade rolls off the production line in Hunan

On May 5, 2022, Sany Heavy Energy's first FB99067 wind turbine blade officially rolled off the production line in Shaoshan Blade Factory, Hunan. The blade is 99 meters long and is the longest onshore wind power blade that has been rolled off the production line in China. Editor/Ma Xue

17:47 2022.05.06

XCMG Brazil receives US$200 million in new energy orders

The transformation of the world's energy structure is accelerating. It is worth mentioning that XCMG Brazil and Brazil's largest mining equipment sales and lessor reached a strategic cooperation at the exhibition, and signed a $200 million "E20" new energy equipment supply agreement on the spot, including more than 600 new energy products. The largest order signed in this exhibition will jointly promote green and low-carbon development.Editor/XuNing

17:01 2022.05.05

Shandong Lingong helps the construction of beautiful cities in Russia

"Beautiful City" company is one of the largest domestic waste treatment plants in the Volga Federal District of Russia. It has hundreds of garbage recycling vehicles and dozens of SDLG loaders. In order to ensure the beauty of the city, most of the equipment works 20-22 hours a day. Under such a high workload, the owner is very satisfied with the performance of the SDLG equipment.Editor/XuNing

14:21 2022.05.05

Serbia's first double-shield TBM developed by CRCC started smoothly

Recently, Serbia's first double-shield TBM developed by CRCC started successfully, and China's self-developed roadheader went abroad for the first time and was applied to the overseas mining field. Editor/Ma Xue

15:06 2022.04.29

Weichai's 100-ton mine giant continues to deliver

Recently, several batches of 100-ton mining giants equipped with Weichai Gold Powertrain have been delivered continuously. Weichai Special Vehicles WT105 and WT160 have attracted market attention since their launch, and sales have been rising steadily. In the first quarter of 2022, the sales volume increased by 56% year-on-year. %. Editor/He Yuting

18:13 2022.04.28

In 2021, China's construction machinery exports will reach 34 billion US dollars

Sany Heavy Industry achieved international sales revenue of 24.846 billion yuan, a year-on-year increase of 76.16%; Zoomlion's overseas revenue increased by 51.05% year-on-year; Xugong Machinery's overseas revenue reached a record high, an increase of 111.81% over 2020... China's leading construction machinery enterprise The 2021 annual performance reports released recently show that "Made in China" continues to promote the internationalization strategy, and overseas sales have achieved rapid growth.Editor/XuNing

09:23 2022.04.26

Ferretti to exercise part of green shoe placement rights

On April 24, Ferretti issued an announcement announcing that it has been granted the exclusive global coordinator for the IPO to exercise a partial over-allotment option on April 22, 2022, involving a total of 4,167,700 shares, accounting for the preliminary global offering prior to the exercise of any over-allotment option. approximately 4.99% of the total number of Offer Shares available for subscription. Editor/He Yuting

14:59 2022.04.25

Yuchai New Energy invested in Guangzhou Port, thfourth largest port in the world

Guangzhou Port Nansha Port Area is the largest professional seaport with a single port area in the country. It will build a demonstration port for green development in the whole country and even in the world. In the past two years, Yuchai Xinlan New Energy Power Technology Co., Ltd. has built three sets for it. The new energy power plan responds to the national goal of "carbon peaking and carbon neutrality" with practical benefits.Editor/XuNing

17:59 2022.04.24

Sany Heavy Industry's operating income in 2021 will increase to 106.1 billion

During the reporting period, the competitiveness of the company's products continued to increase, and the market share of leading products continued to increase. The operating income was 106.113 billion yuan, a year-on-year increase of 6.82%, the net profit attributable to shareholders of the listed company was 12.033 billion yuan, and the net cash flow from operating activities was 119.04 100 million yuan, and the annual operation and operation maintained a high level.Editor/XuNing

09:41 2022.04.23

Lovol P7000 high-horsepower intelligent tractor delivered in batches

On April 23, in Jiansanjiang Reclamation Area, Heilongjiang, China, the high-profile China's first commercialized 240-horsepower CVT intelligent tractor, the Lovol P7000 tractor, held a delivery ceremony. Great country granary. Editor/He Yuting

15:04 2022.04.20

Mitsubishi Heavy Industries develops ultra-small nuclear power plant

Mitsubishi Heavy Industries will commercialize truckable ultra-small reactors as early as the 2030s. Its electrical output is only 2,000 times that of existing 1-megawatt-class reactors, and it is expected to be used as a decarbonized power source in disaster areas, etc. Editor / Xu Shengpeng

11:20 2022.04.15

Hengtian Jiuwu Rotary Drilling Rig Helps Construction of Sichuan-Tibet Railway

Recently, on the Yaan-Nyingchi section of the Sichuan-Tibet Railway in Chaya County, Qamdo, Tibet, the JVR285HT and JVR360Z-II rotary drilling rigs of Hengtian Jiuwu Heavy Industry were successfully delivered to customers and put into use, helping the construction of the Sichuan-Tibet Railway.Editor/XuNing

18:09 2022.04.13

Shanhe Intelligent Rotary Drilling Rig Helps Construction of Luci Expressway

Since participating in the construction of the Luci Expressway project in 2022, Shanhe Intelligent Rotary Drilling Rig has overcome the difficult problem of entering into the rock in complex strata by virtue of its super strength and performance, providing assistance for the project construction, and has won the equipment leasing party and the project contractor. party's approval.Editor/XuNing

18:08 2022.04.13

Cummins helps Auman heavy trucks develop overseas markets

At the beginning of April, overseas orders have been reported frequently! Cummins and Auman heavy trucks have successively received large orders from Nigeria and Colombia, with a total of more than 700 orders, helping Auman heavy trucks to deepen overseas markets.Editor/XuNing

18:17 2022.04.11

Isuzu Motors invests R1.2 billion more in its South African plant

Isuzu Motors launched the latest derivative of the D-Max bakkie with a R1.2 billion investment in its local plant in Gqeberha as part of a R1.2 trillion plan launched by President Ramaphosa in 2018.Editor/XuNing

18:11 2022.04.11

Guangdong offshore wind power equipment exported to overseas markets

The People's Government of Yangjiang City, Guangdong Province announced on the 9th that the freighter "Ge Baile" recently set sail from the Yangjiang Port Area carrying 5 sets of offshore wind turbines produced at the Yangjiang Offshore Wind Power Equipment Manufacturing Base to the WTO Offshore Wind Power Project in Ca Mau, Vietnam.Editor/XuNing

10:28 2022.04.07

CCCC Malaysia East Rail Project held the launching ceremony of the first TBM

The smooth progress of the TBM of "Genting No. 1" marks the complete success of the on-site assembly and commissioning tasks, which will greatly speed up the construction of the Genting Tunnel and open a new chapter in the construction of the Genting Tunnel.Editor/XuNing

16:39 2022.04.02

Yuchai Anteyou's 1000th high-horsepower engine rolls off the production line

On March 30, 2022, the 1,000th mtu4000 series engine of Yuchai Anteyou Power Co., Ltd., a joint venture between Yuchai and Rolls-Royce Power Systems of Germany, rolled off the production line, reaching another important milestone. Editor / Zhao E

16:08 2022.04.02

Xinjiang Horgos launches the first cross-border e-commerce train

On April 1, 2022, the first cross-border e-commerce special train organized by Xinjiang Horgos will leave the country after completing the customs declaration and sail to Kazakhstan, Russia and other countries. Editor / Zhao E

16:41 2022.03.31

Preparing for the National IV, the Bobcats are one step ahead!

On December 28, 2020, the Ministry of Ecology and Environment officially approved the release of the "Technical Requirements for Pollutant Emission Control of Non-road Diesel Mobile Machinery (Release Draft)" (hereinafter referred to as "National IV"), which stipulates the fourth phase of non-road diesel mobile machinery and The technical requirements for pollutant emission control of the diesel engine it is installed in. Editor / Zhao E

16:32 2022.03.31

Wacker Neuson Group Publishes Fiscal Year 2021 Report and Outlook 2022

Munich, March 29, 2022, Wacker Neuson Group announces sales and earnings performance in fiscal year 2021: In fiscal year 2021, the business development of Wacker Neuson Group from 2020 triggered by the COVID-19 pandemic recovered from the downturn and returned to the growth track. In 2021, the Group reported sales of EUR 1,866.2 million, an increase of 15.5% compared to the previous year (2020: EUR 1,615.5 million). Editor / Zhao E