[The track laying of the Jiahe railway project has been completed] At 14:00 on October 26, 2021, with the laying of the last set of rails, the easternmost express railway reconstruction project of China, undertaken by the Fourth Company of China Railway 20th Bureau, will lay the whole track of the Heilongjiang Jia (Musi) He (Gang) Railway The completion has laid a solid foundation for the opening and operation of the whole line. Editor/Sang Xiaomei
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  • 2021.11.26 17:58
  • [Germany plans to build 30GW offshore wind power projects by 2030]
  • Germany's new coalition government has set a target of installing 30GW of offshore wind power capacity by 2030, which is higher than the country's previous target of 20GW. The alliance agreement signed by the Social Democratic Party, the Green Party and the Liberal Democratic Party promised to install 40GW of offshore wind power capacity by 2035 and 70GW by 2045. Editor/Xing Wentao