[SEG, Kontiki discover new oil and bitumen fields in Uzbekistan] Sanoat Energetika Guruhi and its partner Kontiki Exploration have discovered an ultra-heavy oil and bitumen field in the Zerafshan sag in Uzbekistan. The new discovery, known as Yangi Uzbekistan, is located in the area between the cities of Samarkand and Navoi and is the largest oil field in Uzbekistan. It is estimated that Yangi Uzbekistan has reserves of about 100 million tons of bituminous oil and is expected to produce up to 1 million tons of bituminous oil per year by 2025. Editor/Xing Wentao
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  • 2022.08.10 09:41
  • [Shandong 300MW Offshore Wind Power Project Unit Project Bidding]
  • Three Gorges Energy Shandong Muping BDB6# Phase I Offshore Wind Power Project launched the bidding for wind turbines and towers. The project is located in the northern sea area of Muping, Yantai, Shandong Province, 50km offshore from the center of the site, and the water depth is 33-40m. The total installed capacity is 300MW, and the single unit capacity of the bidding unit is required to be above 8.35MW. Editor / Zhao E
  • 2022.08.10 09:39
  • [The South Outer Ring Expressway Project in Xianning City won the bid]
  • On August 5, 2022, the electronic bidding and bidding trading platform of Hubei Province released the announcement of the winning bid results of the NWTZ-1 bid section of the South Outer Ring Expressway in Xianning City. The project is a consortium composed of 5 units including Hubei Communications Investment Group Co., Ltd. Winning the bid, the estimated total investment amount is about 4.1 billion yuan. Editor / Zhao E