[Bid Opening of Yunnan Yongshan Yanjin Expressway Project] On November 14, 2022, it was learned from the national public resources trading platform that the successful candidates for the second bidding of investors and cooperative contractors of Yongshan Yanjin Expressway had been announced, and the project was won by the consortium of Sinohydro Bureau 14, with a bid price of 16.49 billion yuan. Editor/Zhao E
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  • 2023.12.01 17:22
  • [Bambas copper mine tailings transportation system construction project]
  • Recently, Sinohydro Peru Co., Ltd. received the "Bambas copper mine tailings transportation system I, II construction project" notice of winning the bid, this project is the third project undertaken by Sinohydro in Bambas copper mine. The project is located in the Apurimac region of southern Peru, with a planned construction period of three years. The main engineering content is the pipeline installation of the tailings transportation system of the flotation plant in the mining area, the construction of electrical and instrumentation projects, the construction of emergency pools and other civil works. After the completion of the project, it will effectively save local resources, enhance the safety of the mining area and improve the environment of the mining area, which has far-reaching significance for the sustainable development of the local mining industry. Editor/Xu Shengpeng
  • 2023.12.01 17:21
  • [Dongfang Wind Bakemu 1000MW wind power project started]
  • On November 29, the groundbreaking ceremony of Dongfang Wind Power Mu Lei 1 million kW wind power project was held in Xinjiang Mu Lei Kazakh Autonomous County. Li Xiangdong, member of the Party Group of Changji People's Congress and deputy director of Changji Prefecture, announced the start of construction. Guests from Dongfang Electric Group, Dongfang Wind Power and Mu Lei County attended the groundbreaking ceremony. The project is an important measure for Dongfang Wind Power to thoroughly implement the important speech and important instructions of the General Secretary on Xinjiang work, implement the major strategic decision of the national "carbon peak, carbon neutrality", and fully implement the Group's "11256" development strategy, the new development strategy of Dongfang Wind Power "1246" and the new industrial development pattern of "one nuclear and three wings". Dongfang Wind Power Mu Lei 1 million kilowatt wind power project is located in Dashi Township, Mu Lei County, Changji Prefecture, Xinjiang, the total installed capacity of the project is 1 million kilowatts, the design and installation of 121 typhoon power units, is the largest single million kilowatt mountain wind farm in China. Editor/Xu Shengpeng