[Mid - and long-term plan of Anhui hydrogen energy development] Recently, Anhui Province Development and Reform Commission, Anhui Province Energy Bureau jointly issued "Anhui Province hydrogen industry development Medium and Long Term Plan", by 2025, strive to fuel cell system capacity of 10000 units/year, fuel cell vehicle capacity of 5000 units/year, the number of hydrogen stations reached 30, the total output value of the hydrogen industry reached 50 billion yuan. Editor/Xu Shengpeng
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  • 2024.03.04 18:12
  • [Anhui Jixi Jiapeng pumped storage power station progress update]
  • From February 26 to 28, 2024, the feasibility study report review meeting of Anhui Jixi Jiapeng Pumped Storage Power Station was held in Hefei. The power station is located in Jixi County, Xuancheng City, Anhui Province, and the linear distance from Hefei, Nanjing and Shanghai is 235km, 200km and 275km, respectively. The hub project is mainly composed of upper reservoir, lower reservoir, water delivery system, underground powerhouse and ground switch station. The upper reservoir is located at the source of Songyantang ditch, Shizenting River branch ditch, Jingzhou Township, Jixi County, and the lower reservoir is located at the downstream of Dangkeng River, a tributary of Gexi River, Jixi County. Jixi Jiapeng pumped storage Power Station is a key implementation project of the "14th Five-Year Plan" for Medium and Long-term Pumped Storage Development Plan (2021-2035). The installed capacity of the power station is 1400MW, the rated water head is 583m, and the distance to height ratio is about 5.8. After completion, the power station undertakes the tasks of peak load balancing, valley filling, energy storage, frequency modulation, phase modulation and emergency backup. Editor/Xu Shengpeng
  • 2024.03.04 18:12
  • [A signing ceremony was held at Union Square, Batam Island, Indonesia]
  • On February 28, the UnionSquare project in Batam Island, Indonesia, was signed and the groundbreaking ceremony was held. More than 10 people attended the ceremony on behalf of CITRABUANABATAMINDUSTRI Group and Li Jie, general manager of Shanghai China Construction Overseas Development Co., LTD. Indonesia, as well as the project team leader. UnionSquare project is located in HarbourBay business district, Batam, Indonesia, and Singapore across the sea, the geographical location is superior, is a collection of commercial, office and apartment residential as one of the comprehensive project. The project consists of two 34-storey towers and 7-storey podium buildings, with a total floor area of about 75,000 square meters and a total height of 137 meters, which will become the highest landmark building in Batam. Editor/Xu Shengpeng

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