[Shaanxi more than 8GW wind power, photovoltaic project competition] On November 24, the competitive allocation results of Shaanxi Province's 2022 wind and photovoltaic power generation affordable grid-connected projects were publicized. 82 projects with 8.01 million kW were integrated into the 2022 Shaanxi wind and photovoltaic power generation affordable grid-connected scale (36 wind power projects with a total of 2.76 million kW and 46 photovoltaic power projects with a total of 5.25 million kW). Editor/Xu Shengpeng
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  • 2023.09.21 16:46
  • [Nord Group plans to build an energy power station in Huangshi, Hubei]
  • On September 20, 2023, Nord Shengshi, a subsidiary of Nord Group, plans to sign a "Project Investment Contract" with Huangshi Economic and Technological Development Zone in Hubei Province to invest in the construction of the Nord Solar Energy Storage Power Station Zero Carbon Smart Industrial Park project, with a total planned fixed asset investment of 5.2 billion yuan. The project plans to build a 500MW distributed photovoltaic power station project, a 1500MWh industrial and commercial energy storage power station project, as well as facilities such as distribution networks and charging stations in the Huangshi Economic and Technological Development Zone. After the project is fully completed and put into operation, it can provide about 580 million kWh of clean energy green electricity annually, save 170000 tons of standard coal annually, and reduce carbon dioxide emissions by about 50000 tons annually. The first phase of the industrial park is planned to be completed and put into operation in June 2024, while the second and third phases of the project are planned to be completed and put into operation in April 2026. Editor/Zhao E
  • 2023.09.21 16:41
  • [State Power Investment Corporation and Anhui Province Sign Cooperation Agreement]
  • On September 19, 2023, a symposium on the cooperation and development between Anhui Province and central enterprises was held in Hefei. Under the witness of Han Jun, Secretary of the Anhui Provincial Party Committee, Wang Qingxian, Deputy Secretary of the Provincial Party Committee and Governor, and Wang Hongzhi, Member and Deputy Director of the State owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission of the State Council, Liu Feng, a member of the State Power Investment Party Group and Deputy General Manager, and Zhang Hongwen, a member of the Anhui Provincial Party Committee Standing Committee and Deputy Governor, signed a strategic cooperation agreement on behalf of both parties. State Power Investment will fully leverage its advantages in the field of electricity and energy, and participate in the investment and construction of energy infrastructure projects in Anhui Province in all aspects. The focus will be on key areas such as comprehensive smart zero carbon power plants, integrated wind and solar thermal (storage) projects, pumped storage, Mongolian electricity entering Anhui, and emerging industries. It will increase investment and construction efforts in Anhui, accelerate the construction of a clean, low-carbon, safe, and efficient modern energy system, and make contributions to promoting the high-quality development of energy in Anhui Province. Editor/Zhao E