[Yunnan: Strive to build 2GW of new energy storage by 2025] On November 29, the Yunnan Provincial Department of Ecology and Environment issued the Yunnan Provincial Climate Change Plan (2021-2025). The document proposes that by 2025, the total installed power capacity of the province shall be over 140 million kW, the installed green energy capacity shall be over 120 million kW, accounting for 86% of the total, and the electricity generated by clean energy will be about 420 billion KWH. It will strive to build a new scale of energy storage of about 2 million kW, support the pilot hydrogen energy industry, and basically build a national clean energy base. Editor/Xu Shengpeng
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  • 2023.01.31 14:40
  • [In 2023, the new high-speed rail line will increase by more than 2000 kilometers]
  • Recently, the reporter learned from China National Railway Group Co., Ltd. that in 2023, more than 3,000 kilometers of new lines are expected to be put into operation, including 2,500 kilometers of high-speed rail. According to statistics, in 2022, the investment in railway infrastructure will be 369.5 billion yuan, accounting for 80.2% of the total investment in railway infrastructure. Editor/He Yuting
  • 2023.01.31 14:40
  • [Hundreds of XCMG tower cranes are shipped to the world in batches]
  • Recently, at XCMG's two intelligent manufacturing bases of tower cranes in Xuzhou and Chongqing, a batch launch ceremony of 100 million units of products with an order of 100 million yuan was grandly held. The products launched this time include three major product segments: flat head tower cranes, luffing jib tower cranes and construction elevators. , to achieve a good start for all products. Editor/He Yuting