[The China-Europe freight train from Xiamen to Smminsk was launched] The first Xiamen-Minsk China-Europe freight train recently departed from the Alashankou railway port, saving 25 days and greatly shortening the transportation cycle of goods from Xiamen to Belarus. It also opened a new channel for international trade at the Alashankou port. In 2022, the number of China-Europe freight train routes passing through Alashankou port has increased to 29, with a total of 94. Editor/Xu Shengpeng
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  • 2023.01.31 15:21
  • [The first phase of Lagos Light Rail Blue Line in Nigeria opens to traffic]
  • Recently, the first phase of the Lagos Light Rail Blue Line project in Nigeria was officially put into operation. The Lagos Light Rail Blue Line is the first electrified urban light rail in West Africa, with a total length of 27 kilometers and a total of 11 stations. The first phase of the Lagos Light Rail Blue Line, which was opened to traffic this time, starts from the Lagos commercial center Marina area in the east, and ends in the east of Badagrei, the most densely populated area in the west, with a total length of 13 kilometers and five stations. Editor/He Yuting
  • 2023.01.31 15:20
  • [Rizhao's 2023 transportation plan invests 117.1 billion yuan]
  • Recently, Shandong's "Rizhao City 2023 Urban Planning and Construction Management Plan" was issued, confirming the 2023 railway construction, highway construction, port construction, and airport construction plans. 20.161 billion yuan, focusing on the construction of 39 transportation infrastructure projects. Editor/He Yuting