[Shache County 2GW optical storage integration project] On December 1st, Yuedian Electric announced that the Board of directors of the company agreed to take Yudean Shache Comprehensive Energy Co., LTD., a wholly-owned subsidiary, as the main investor to invest in the construction of Guangdong energy Shache County 2 million kW light storage integration project (PV construction scale of 2,000MW; Energy storage construction scale 500MW/2000MWh). The total investment of the project is 1,291,706,600 yuan. Editor/Xu Shengpeng
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  • 2023.01.31 15:24
  • [China Railway No. 1268 rolled off the assembly line at Nanchang Base]
  • Recently, China Railway No. 1268, the world's first hard rock mud-water balance jacking and shielding machine, was successfully rolled off the production line at China Railway Equipment Nanchang Base. Small diameter, long distance, curve jacking and other special requirements. Editor/He Yuting
  • 2023.01.31 15:23
  • [The second phase of Lagos light rail blue line in Nigeria was signed]
  • Recently, Sanvoglu, the governor of Lagos, Nigeria, and Chen Sichang, the general manager of China Civil Engineering, signed a contract for the second phase of the Lagos Light Rail Blue Line. The second phase of the line is about 14 kilometers long, with two-track track laying, 6 new stations, and a design speed of 100 kilometers per hour. /Hour. Editor/He Yuting