[CEEC won the bid for Oman Manah II Photovoltaic Power Generation Project] Recently, CEEC Shanxi Institute received the bid winning notice from Singapore Sembcorp Group, confirming that it has won the bid for Oman MANAH II Photovoltaic Power Generation EPC General Contracting Project. The project is located in the Manah area of Oman, covering an area of 680.35 hectares, with a total installed capacity of 588.2 megawatts, and a new supporting 400 kV booster station and transmission line. It is planned to be put into commercial operation on May 1, 2025. After the completion of the project, it will provide a key boost to the transformation of renewable energy in Oman, and it is expected to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by about 340,000 tons per year. Edit/Ma Xue
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  • 2024.02.23 17:45
  • [Jiangsu Yuguang Complementary New Energy Project Starts]
  • On February 22, 2024, the groundbreaking ceremony was held for the 940MW fishery photovoltaic complementary power generation project in Ganyu District, Lianyungang City. This project is currently the largest fishery photovoltaic complementary new energy project in Jiangsu Province. The total investment of this project is about 5.43 billion yuan, which is divided into Dongshang 280MW, Dongshang 360MW, and Dongyu 300MW complementary photovoltaic power generation projects. At the same time, two new 220kV booster stations will be built as supporting facilities. The project fully utilizes the water area of fish ponds, combines photovoltaic power generation with fishery aquaculture, and forms a composite industrial model of "water power generation and underwater aquaculture". The economic value of unit land area has significantly increased, creating a "new sample" for the development of clean energy. By the end of September 2024, the project will achieve full capacity grid connected power generation. After completion, the annual total power generation is expected to reach 1.609 billion kWh, saving 496400 tons of coal annually and achieving sales revenue of 629 million yuan. Editor/Zhao E
  • 2024.02.23 17:42
  • [Turkey Energy storage and wind power plant agreement]
  • On Wednesday (February 21), Turkey's Progresiva Energy Investment signed an agreement with Chinese power plant equipment manufacturer Harbin Electric International Engineering Co., LTD. (HEI) for the construction and financing of power storage facilities and wind farms. Turkish Vice President Jeffdet Yilmaz said at a ceremony in Ankara that the project will include the largest energy storage facility in Europe, with a total investment of $600 million. Yilmaz said the initial phase of investment has reached $375 million. About $300 million of this will be sourced from China through companies based in Harbin, while the remainder will be financed through equity by Progresiva. Sami Alslanhan, chairman of the board of directors of Kontrolmatik, Progresiv's main shareholder, said the investment would be made in two phases. The investment size of 1,000 MWH storage facilities will be between $350 million and $375 million, while the investment size of 250 MW wind farms will be about $250 million. Editor/Xu Shengpeng

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