[Mingyang Smart signed the Philippine onshore wind power project] Recently, Mingyang Smart Energy Group Co., Ltd. and Singaporean renewable energy company Vena Energy signed contracts in Manila for the largest installed wind power projects in the Philippines - the Talim 212.5 MW onshore wind power project and the Sembrano 93.75 MW onshore wind power project. Mingyang Smart will provide 49 MySE 6.25-172 wind turbines for the above two projects, which is currently the model with the largest single-unit capacity in the Philippines. In addition, Mingyang Intelligent will also provide transportation, hoisting, commissioning, operation and long-term operation and maintenance services for the two projects. The project is scheduled to be completed in the second half of 2024. Edit/Ma Xue
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  • 2024.05.14 17:38
  • [330 kV power transmissin and transformation project from Pansulu to Mansa,Zambia]
  • Recently, it was learned that the Hunan Institute of China NENG Construction Power Engineering and its associate won the bid for the 330 kV power transmission and transformation project from Pansulu to Mansa in Zambia, and the project owner is ZESCO, the Zambian electricity company. Located in Zambia's Central and Luapura provinces, the project comprises 300 km of 330 kV lines, 140 km of 132 kV lines and corresponding 330 kV and 132 kV substations. As an important part of the national backbone power grid, this project is of great significance to promote the rich photovoltaic resources in the region and the development of cascade hydropower stations in the Luapura River basin. The successful construction of the project will greatly alleviate the shortage of power supply in Southern Africa, and inject strong impetus into the development of local mining and agriculture. Editor/Xu Shengpeng
  • 2024.05.14 17:37
  • [Shanghai Zhongxing Town 100 MW fishing and light complementary project started]
  • On May 8, China NENG Construction Anhui Power Construction Company EPC general contract of Shanghai Chongming Zhongxing Town 100 MW fishing and light complementary project started. The project is located in Zhongxing Town, Chongming District, Shanghai, covering an area of about 1,800 mu, with a total installed capacity of 100 MW, a new 110 kV booster station, 17 km of 35 kV collector lines, and 175,439 pieces of 580Wp photovoltaic modules installed. The project adopts fish-light complementary mode for comprehensive development, combines photovoltaic power stations with aquaculture, and builds photovoltaic power stations on fish ponds to form a power generation mode of "above can generate electricity, below can be cultured". After the completion of the project, it can save about 30,000 tons of standard coal and reduce about 77,000 tons of carbon dioxide every year, which can effectively optimize the regional energy structure and meet the needs of the rapid growth of electricity load, and has positive significance for accelerating the construction of Chongming District to build a world-class ecological island, low-carbon demonstration zone and ecological circular agriculture demonstration town with a leading role in the world. Editor/Xu Shengpeng

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