[CEEC newly signs Australia Templers energy storage offshore project] On May 24, 2023, CEEC Shanxi Electric Power Construction Co., Ltd. and Sungrow Australia Co., Ltd. formed a joint venture to formally sign the contract in Shanghai for the Templers energy storage offshore EPC project in South Australia, Australia. The project is located in Adelaide, South Australia, Australia, with a total capacity of 111MW/285.2MWh. After the project is completed, it can stably transmit clean power around the clock, further enhance the flexibility of clean energy power allocation, optimize the safety of the local power grid, and play a positive role in improving the local atmospheric environment, reducing carbon emissions, and promoting the sustainable development of the local green economy. Edit/Ma Xue
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  • 2024.07.17 16:58
  • [Weifang Hydrogen Production and Hydrogenation Integrated Station Pilot Project Starts]
  • On July 16, 2024, Huadian Shandong Weifang officially launched a pilot project of an integrated hydrogen production and refueling station in the High-tech Zone. The project has a planned total system capacity of 105MW and will be constructed in two phases. This move marks that the project has entered a new stage of construction, aiming to alleviate the tight supply and demand of hydrogen in Weifang, and is designed to provide a stable hydrogen source for Weichai Power's hydrogen fuel cell research and development, hydrogenation station operations and hydrogen fuel buses. The project is expected to significantly reduce hydrogen transportation and storage costs, accelerate the vigorous development of Weifang's hydrogen energy industry, and inject strong impetus into the strategic goal of building a hydrogen energy city. Editor/Cheng Liting
  • 2024.07.17 16:57
  • [The main project of Xudabao Nuclear Power Unit 2 starts]
  • The Xudabao Nuclear Power Project held by China National Nuclear Power Investment Corporation, a subsidiary of CNNC, has ushered in an important milestone. Unit 2 successfully poured the first container of concrete for the nuclear island reactor on the 17th, marking the official launch of the main project. The project has officially entered the dual-machine, four-machine phase. A new stage of comprehensive construction of the unit. As a key clean energy project during the "14th Five-Year Plan" period in Liaoning Province, Xudabao Nuclear Power plans 6 million-kilowatt nuclear power units with a huge total investment, aiming to help Huludao City build a clean energy industry cluster. At present, the project is progressing rapidly. Unit 1 has started construction, and units 3 and 4 have entered the equipment installation stage. They are all progressing efficiently as planned and are expected to be put into operation as early as 2027. After the four units are fully put into operation, they will significantly optimize the energy structure of Liaoning Province, enhance energy security, provide strong impetus for economic and social development and green and low-carbon transformation, while promoting effective investment, driving industrial development, accelerating the comprehensive revitalization of the region, and laying the foundation for building a New energy systems contribute. Editor/Cheng Liting

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